Price driver is to be stopped: Union works on law against too high gasoline prices

Price driver should be stopped

Union works on law against too high gasoline prices

Price driver is to be stopped: Union works on law against too high gasoline prices-price
dpa The prices for diesel and super approach

Fueling is currently expensive than rarely before. Above all, the price for diesel has shot up in the past few weeks. There are therefore plans in the Union to legally act against the rising fuel prices.

"Nothing can be justified that diesel prices have increased by ten cents in the past few weeks," said the Union Group’s consumer protection officer, Mechthild Heil (CDU), the "Berliner Morgenpost" on Wednesday. The price driver of the mineral oil companies must be put to an end.

Model Austria?

Heil named numerous possible legal countermeasures. In the future, petrol stations in Germany should only raise prices once a day, but should lower as often as they want. Such a law on price commitment has been in Austria since the beginning of 2011, according to the CDU politicians. Consumer Protection Minister Ilse Aigner and Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer from the CSU would have already signaled support on this question. The ball is now in the Federal Ministry of Economics.
According to the newspaper, there is currently working on the amendment to the law against competition restriction (GWB). So far, it has been planned to anchor the ban on the prohibition of so-called price-cost shears permanently. This should prevent the oil multi -free petrol stations from selling their fuel too expensive.

Especially diesel very expensive

The prize for diesel achieved a new maximum of the annual status in November. On the nationwide average, a liter of diesel of the EUR 1.50 brand approached. The ADAC recently complained that the price was too high, especially since the price of brent oil had dropped in the meantime. Because petrol was also less expensive, diesel and gasoline price approaches: a liter of Super E10 currently only costs about four cents more than diesel in the federal average.
Especially the debacle in the introduction of the E10 fuel spurned by many drivers is repeatedly mentioned as the reason for the price increase. Accordingly, the corporations try to compensate for the failures by increasing liter prices.
The ADAC recommends that drivers to recharge your batteries on Sundays and Mondays. On these days, refueling is the cheapest, on the other hand, price increases are often recorded on Tuesdays and weekends.

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15 thoughts on “Price driver is to be stopped: Union works on law against too high gasoline prices”

  1. The finance minister becomes a…
    have tired smile. After all, not only Greece is financed with the huge tax revenue, but also the high social tasks of Germany is paid.

  2. According to a survey at the ADAC, Germans have…
    Drivers have had vehicles with a average of RD since 2010. 140 hp bought. This FZ. need relatively fewer than five years ago, need more fuel because they are more powerful. In addition, most drivers still refuel, at the branded filling stations and hardly change their consumer behavior. The introduction of the E -10 fuel, the then Environment Minister ROttgen, CDU, was a snap idea that the consumer and driver with a large majority, even rejected today. If you personally recharge this fuel, you should also remember that food is used for it so that your transportation options, initially, are even more cheaper. In the long term, this is also a milk girl bill that should cost us more financial means.

  3. Dear politicians…
    …Please stop the air. The fuel price consists of over 50% taxes and levies that are increasingly increased with various arguments. So please put an end to your own price driver!

  4. If one day you dream of it,…
    The fact that Christmas and Easter could be celebrated together in one day would be comparable to the greed of our state according to constantly and always welcome larger tax revenue.

  5. Price driver
    The largest price driver in fuels is the state itself. So why bring a law. With each price increase, 19% of VAT is cashed in. In normal business operations, something like that is called usury.

  6. Buy fuel eaters first and then whine
    Conversation with the car seller: "How much does it need to 100 km? Great or normal?" Answer from the seller: "Oh, no idea. You are the first to ask about it. Customers usually only ask about the monthly rate and the down payment."

  7. Competition a joke!
    Each supermarket has to accuse itself with its offers and must make the prices properly. At a gas station, prices change every hour. A competition is no longer possible. Why are petrol stations not to keep prices for at least 24 hours?

  8. Immediately according to the news,…
    on the 28th.8th. In 2012 that the tropical storm could become a hurricane, the prices increased by 7 cents at brand filling stations, the prices increased by 7 cents. Miese speculators are everywhere, not only with the oil industry.For about four years it should even be one "Grain exchange" give the bakers what z.B. The wheat on day X costs.

  9. There is only one solution
    All drivers only refuel with one provider and leave all the other left. So you can force the others into your knees. And the price would fall quickly

  10. For convenience reasons…
    Not even visited the free petrol stations. You would have to wait longer there, because there are often fewer petrol pumps there. In addition, most drivers are often too low the price difference. That’s the whole dilemma. In this respect, everyone should now pay properly, after all, finance minister Schauble is still happy.

  11. Berlin runs into the abyss
    So now laws against yourself. With a stuer share of well over 50% of the price, a law should now help against excessive fuel costs – you can only laugh, because this is what the government decides against itself against itself. It remains to be seen when the oil companies close their rafineries and branches in Germany, reduce jobs and stop care

  12. Finally woke up
    Good morning, dear politicians, they are finally woken up? Watching for years and looking forward to the fuel zockers that they rinse more taxes into the cash register, has probably jumped too short – the economy, S. Z.B. Transport industry, the robber knightry simply cannot cope with.

  13. Market economy ADE
    I feel more and more like in a GDR light. Now the state wants to intervene in pricing. Where is the FDP? In the market economy, the market regulates prices. And if more people want to refuel in the morning or in the afternoon, say supply and demand that higher prices may then be achieved. When I choose and tank consciously during the lunch, I may benefit. of shorter snakes and lower prices. There are also countless possibilities against high fuel costs. Consciously dealing with the accelerator pedal or avoiding the car when fetching the bread can bring a lot. Or to buy an electric car as a second car. I hope that from 2012 one will be available at a reasonable price.


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