Price hammer at VW: Cars are increasingly expensive – now this uses the chip crisis

Third increase in one year

Price hammer at VW, cars are becoming increasingly expensive: Now this is used by the chip crisis

Price hammer at VW: Cars are increasingly expensive - now this uses the chip crisis-increasingly
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One "cheap market situation" With a short supply and high demand, VW and the subsidiary brand Audi will increase the prices – now for the third time within a year. Finally, buyers of petrol and diesel cars in particular had to pay more.

Both Volkswagen and Audi want to make their cars more expensive at the beginning of next year. "Already on 10. January wants to increase Volkswagen cars, this emerges from a message to the dealers. Volkswagen does not yet give exact figures", reports the "Automotive week" Citing dealerships. It would already be the third price increase notice within one year. The increase was actually only planned for March next year, but would be preferred to January.Finally, prices had been increased in two rounds by 1.8 and then 1.5 percent. This time they should according to information from "Automotive week" even increase by more than two percent.

VW allegedly increases prices by more than 2 percent

As a reason, Volkswagen indicates increased raw material and energy prices that have to be passed on. But that is obviously not the only reason. "The current market situation is favorable for price development: a strong customer demand for a close offer due to the shortage shortage", Quotes the trade magazine an Audi spokesman. In other words, the chip shortage that car manufacturers complain about ensures that they can now enforce higher prices. And they should remain at the high level, even if the chip circles are overcome at some point.

Tesla lands on the previous place

Price hammer at VW: Cars are increasingly expensive - now this uses the chip crisis-price

Bit projects Tesla lands on the previous place

For car dealers, the crisis offers the advantage that they have to offer hardly any sales -promoting measures. A dealer of a large Korean car brand said to Site: "At the moment we can tell the customer: If a car is currently available, you should access quickly – or have to wait a long time depending on the model."For this reason, the self-registration for factory and dealer vehicles. In October, the average was 23.9 percent even lower than in October of the first Corona year 2020.

E-cars are preferred

Many manufacturers prefer electric vehicles when allocating their chip capacity because they are currently very popular. In the last price increase round of Volkswagen, gasoline and dies of vehicles were particularly affected, while the electrical and hybrid vehicles, which were very popular due to the high state funding, remained untouched. It is not yet known whether this is the case this time. The background: VW boss Herbert Diess wants to accelerate the transformation of his group to pure electric brand- at least in Europe- and bring its petrol and diesel customers into electric cars as quickly as possible. He even explicitly called for a massively increasing fuel price to give e-mobility a competitive advantage.

Cupra Born below 270 euros: Leasing platform starts Black Friday deals

Price hammer at VW: Cars are increasingly expensive - now this uses the chip crisis-increasingly

Site Cupra Born below 270 euros: Leasing platform starts Black Friday deals

After this video you will never wrap meat in aluminum foil again

Price hammer at VW: Cars are increasingly expensive - now this uses the chip crisis-expensive

Meat happiness After this video you will never wrap meat in aluminum foil again

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11 thoughts on “Price hammer at VW: Cars are increasingly expensive – now this uses the chip crisis”

  1. Everyone has to decide for themselves
    I myself think VW is too expensive anyway, so everyone has to decide how much … Money he is ready to spend for a car and whether he will no longer get anywhere else for his money.

  2. Keep your VW’s
    Put them in your showrooms and enjoy the standing of your VW’s. I am a conservative of the former Kohl party. In this respect, vw anyway wants no money from me. Nobody wanted to see me in the VW arena back then. So VW no longer gets a tired euro of me. I’m now driving C-Class, great car ..

  3. And again
    VW has won all tests in German comparisons. All other manufacturers only produce inferior vehicles. VWS always drive, never break and almost do not cost anything. Therefore, they can also become more expensive three times a year.You will be bought anyway.

  4. Doesn’t have to be a VW!
    For my sake, the VW boxes are 50% more expensive. It has nothing to do with Volkswagen for a long time. The cars are already too expensive.They are not such a good quality anyway.Fortunately, there are other car manufacturers where you can afford a car.VW is out of the question for me anyway.

  5. As long as it
    There are people who are willing to spend more and more money for a usage or better consumption object, as long as prices are increased. Have never bought a new car and will never do it either. The used for little money, lower to medium 4 -digit range can also be driven 100kkm. So why new? I just calculated over the thumb in 37 years of driver’s license and permanently not spent a car for cars for cars.

  6. I’m looking forward to it,
    How consumers will react? They will think about whether VW will be more closely elected when buying a next car!? The promotion of the federal government is prohibited immediately because over half of the available electricity is made from coal and atom in d! The extraction of renewable energy from solar and wind will never be enough for the electricity requirement in D, which is why on a large scale for private mobility? And there is not enough charging stations for a long time, especially not enough eco-stream for the electric cars. And what happens with all the electric cars when there is a fan-covered water stabbing at every petrol station???

  7. A VW or Audi?
    Nope, no longer has to be because only inferior parts are installed in it that only holds as long as the guarantee (experienced yourself and from various. Get mechanics confirmed). If errors occur then you try to screw around and at the end you will be with "State of the art" sent home back on the part of the VW. Even in terms of VW workshops and their work quality for extremely much coal, times were much better. Therefore: we no longer stand in the entrance. We have drawn our lessons out of it.

  8. Price hammer at VW, the cars
    are becoming increasingly expensive!! Yes and? Who should we regret now?? Nobody is forced to buy these sheet metal boxes!!! There are enough alternatives!!!! Just like in politics!! But no, at first it is chosen again, as was chosen and afterwards the big whining comes, true to the motto, "I would only have known that beforehand!! Just ridiculous!!! And money??? There’s enough of that!! I am in the last few days through a new car exhibition by a BMW dealer, to convince myself of what they had to offer. Totally interesting!! From the approx. 35 vehicles, from prices from mid -50 thousand to well over 100 tsde, 31 vehicles were sold!! At least stood on it!!! So continue and whine!!! So what!!

  9. The People’s Group VW…..
    Man can only say about it …………..Stupid is not that of power, but is stupid the one who lets you do with you ……..01.12.2021 7 p.m. 13

  10. Well nanee
    As long as people spend their acidic money in wheelchairs and voluntarily for the overpriced precious scrap, vag & co can do what they want.

  11. Yes I agree!
    We will therefore not buy new vehicles in the family in the near future. We let our vehicles wait properly and continue to drive sustainably.


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