Primobius uses energy-saving processes for battery recycling

Primobius uses energy-saving processes for battery recycling-battery

Primobius, a joint venture between the Australian company Neometals and the German SMS Group, built in Hilchenbach a demonstration system for recycling of old batteries and lithium-ion batteries. The company puts on mechanical and hydrometallurgical methods that are energy-efficient, enable decarbonization of the supply chain and recover a high percentage of battery materials.

By using Primobius recyclates in new batteries, the sustainable improvement in the CO2 balance sheet of electric vehicles and device manufacturers should be supported. Horst Krenn, CEO of Primobius, is self-confident to understand: “We are enabling sustainability. We conclude the gap between the industry, the used batteries bring back into circulation and want to produce the new lithium-ion batteries.”The final products of the recycling processes of the Hilchenbach Persigned company are lithium, nickel and cobalt. Materials urgently needed in Europe to enable the production of battery cells on a large scale.

“The growing electromobility also increases the need for battery recycling, and the location Germany / Europe must now create comprehensive and efficient opportunities. Therefore, we not only developed battery recycling without limits, built the plant and developing the procedure, but also act as owners and operators. So we can optimize the system down to the detail and vote on the needs of our customers.”- Horst Krenn, CEO of Primobius

The Primobius demonstration system includes the entire recovery process. However, the system parts can also be set separately from each other – a hub and spoke concept that further promotes sustainability: Level 1 shredbed old batteries of different sizes and types and decomposed into plastic parts, metal parts and the so-called “black mass” as an intermediate. These mechanical processes can be performed decentralized (spoke), for example at the customer’s local.

Level 2 – The hydrometallurgical recovery from the “black mass” is done in a centrally located complex (hub).. In the future, the flexible hub-and-spoke system can reduce energy expenditure for transport and increase security and handling scrap and used lithium-ion batteries. The demonstration plant in Hilchenbach was completed and is already in the 3. Quarter 2021 in operation.

The company is to understand that with this commercial battery recycling plant in Europe makes a step towards an important sustainability goal: a closed cycle of resource use that the supply chain decarbonized and generated responsibly locally material for new batteries.

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  1. In general, it would be nice if there would be more than nice press texts and pilot analations. I suppose at the end will it run as with the yellow sack: RecyclingQoute ~ 17%.
    So far, the theme is 2nd Life and Recycling at the electric car battery but rather theoretical nature. Much “Bling Bling” so that the E-Auo Buyer may feel a bit green. Whether the batteries of tomorrow still need the materials from today at all? Glass ball reading ..


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