Production: Daimler wants to build batteries for electric cars


Daimler wants to build batteries for electric cars

Daimler AG wants to join the production of batteries for electric cars.

Together with the industrial group Evonik, the automobile manufacturer is planning a factory for the particularly powerful lithium-ion batteries, according to the "Spiegel" in Germany. The battery technology comes from the Li-Tec Battery Evonik offshoot and is said to be characterized by particularly high operational safety. From 2012, electricity stores are to be used in the electrical versions of the Mercedes B-Class and the Smart fortwo. With the now planned own production, the Stuttgart -based company wants to secure a lead in the introduction of electric cars. For the hybrid version of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, which starts over the course of the year.

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1 thought on “Production: Daimler wants to build batteries for electric cars”

  1. The future drives electrically!
    A year ago I thought that Evonik/Li-Tec will soon bite on one. That has happened now. Very well! The reform pressure on the automotive industry begins to work.


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