Production start of the “Zero”: soon first delivery in Europe

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Production start of the

With the “Zero” from Eli soon comes a new electrician for the city on the market – we reported a year ago over the small e-flitzer. At that time, however, it was not quite clear when the first specimens can be delivered. In addition, Corona made this plan a dash by the bill. But this has changed: the manufacturer, the Chinese start-up “Eli Electric Vehicle”, has now officially announced the start of production. This year, the first orders of the Zero should be shipped to the European distribution partner, it says in a recent press release.

“We are very proud to be able to communicate that the Zero has now gained final product,” says Marcus Li, CEO and founder of Eli Electric Vehicles. And on, “We have now completed development and brought him production. I would like to thank our team, our investors, our thousands of crowdfunding supporters as well as our production and distributors for having helped us so much so far.”

Production start of the Eli

Ready for the road – with up to 45 km / h

At first glance, Eli Zero looks like a crossroads from Renault Twizy, Smart EQ Fortwo and Citroen Ami. He drives about 45 km / h quickly, is therefore also interesting for teens because they are allowed to drive him with the driver’s license class on (from 15 years). Thanks to its compact dimensions of 2.13 meters in length and 1.37 meters wide, he is made for full and narrow inner cities – to find a parking space with him, so no problem should be. Incidentally, there is also a trunk: he holds 160 liters. The batteries with 5.8 kWh capacity should be sufficient for a range of 80 kilometers.

Loading to usual household sockets, a summons lasting according to the manufacturer then about 2.5 hours. Recover while driving, using the display on the center console, technical information is delivered. A rear view camera, parking sensors and a warning tone for passers-by are integrated, much more assistance and security systems are not intended for the time being. There are other amenities such as air conditioning, USB charging connections and a cigarette lighter. The two-seater should be around 12.000 Euro costs and initially be offered in small quantities. Maybe the tranquility before the storm: for like Li to the online platform “TechCrunch” said he see a big market for slow city vehicles in Europe. He could keep right: In the Parisian city center, Tempo 30 is already valid, even in other cities, this speed limit should come.

Since the presentation of the first prototype from Eli Zero, the manufacturer has invested thousands of working hours in the revision and fine-tuning of the final vehicle design according to their own information. During this time, various technological advances and technical improvements have been integrated into the final production design, including an improved 72 volt system architecture (instead of 48 volts), a new power steering and brake system, a reversing camera, LED double headlight and a redesigned aluminum chassis, only Some call. The upgrade was part of the efforts to enable market launch in Europe prior to availability in the USA. The Eli Zero was redesigned so that he can get road access in Europe. He was already homologated at the end of 2020. Thus, he has achieved series production and finally only has to be brought to the customers.

And that’s exactly what is the case: the production started delivering success in the coming weeks, the company announces. Special contracts with European dealers were also signed for this. Particularly noteworthy is the far-reaching partnership with the KSR Group, one of the largest distributors for micromobility, which covers more than 10 European countries. Among the interested parties and customers of Eli Electric are RIDESHARING providers, dealers, universities, real estate developers and many more. The start-up is located in California, USA, and leaves in Beijing, China,. The market for micromobility is expected to reach a volume of 300 billion dollars, according to experts in the US and in Europe by 2030.

Production start of the Eli

Mini-Bevs – The Perfect Stadtauto?

Li believes that the individual traffic should be friendlier, less intrusive and smoother. Micro-electric vehicles are intended to make daily, short trips comfortable and entertaining and can dramatically reduce emissions and congestion in cities on a large scale. Thus, mini-Bev are particularly suitable for a urban environment. The Eli Zero belongs according to companies to the most energy-efficient, versatile and more affordable electric vehicles, which are currently available. “We are at a crucial point in history: because the urban density is increasing rapid and the climate is an unprecedented challenge, we must urgently re-design the city traffic,” explains the CEO. In addition, he believes that “vehicles must fit to cities and not vice versa.”

The startup sometimes finances itself through investors and crowdfunding campaigns. So the first “round” brought nearly 1.4 million dollars of over 1.500 investors. Only in mid-September Eli Electric launched its second equity crowdfunding campaign to “Starting Gine”. The revenues from this are to be used to finance Zeros increased production, the development of sales and other general operating costs. To date, the company has gained more than 6.5 million dollars.

The market of micro-electric cars has already been heavily competitive. More and more providers are pushing into the market, so that ELI should not be so easy. Recently you could marvel at the IAA in Munich with the Microlino a very similar concept. It took a long time, now the small BEV of the Swiss company Micro finally has achieved series production. That seems to superior to Eli Zero in almost all concerns – at a similar price of around 12.000 EURO. Let’s see where the journey is still doing.

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8 thoughts on “Production start of the “Zero”: soon first delivery in Europe”

  1. Well … if the mini cars for 9000, – € are why does it cost so much more, although the built-in technique is cheaper?

    Will show if the so many customers find ..

    Nevertheless great approach

    It remains exciting

  2. What a waste. Consumption far too high, price also far too high and equal to zero. Seat Mii, Fiat 500 and Zoe offer a lot more car at similar prices after promotion. I cursed the VAG until today the up Citigo and Mii were taken from the market. Regardless of that myself myself but more economical can not be on the way.

  3. Pluses are: from 15 years, driving license of the class AM, only one insurance license plate and a power outlet for the stream and maybe every 1-2 years a small inspection.

    That prices are not lower is probably because many people want to earn from it and the quantities barely reach the million limit as with cars of the big manufacturers.

    Maybe Microlino offers a / h version, which can be unlocked after 3 years, if adults in Germany and the EU buy a few vehicles.

    If I need a small car for shopping in a few years, then there are probably cheap used.

  4. 45 km / h … absolute no-go. We only have a twizy because the 80 can drive.

    Who voluntarily buys a traffic impact? One would be constantly overtaken with the part. This provokes only accidents. This 45km / h border of the EU is a mystery to me. Just like scooters. 50 or 55 would have been okay.


  5. Apart from that, according to such a vehicle with 45 km / h represents a traffic impact, the motorcycle brand Zero will probably raise objection to the name of the model …?

  6. With 45 km / h in the city traffic, as long as we do not have 30 km / h generally in the cities (which hopefully does not happen so soon!), like the already available microfirews with Otto Motor, rather for traffic obstruction in the cities – where u.U. like Z.B. in Dusseldorf up to 60 km / h are allowed. I do not find any test. In addition, for shopping in the city or short distance in the countryside to small trunk for the weekly shopping and daily shopping is not useful for ecological and efficiency reasons.


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