Proton Motor: Null Emission Fuel Cell Truck for Great Britain Ireland

Proton Motor: Null Emission Fuel Cell Truck for Great Britain Ireland-motor

Proton Motor, a German manufacturer for hydrogen fuel cells and electro-hybrid systems with CO2-free footprint, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (“Mou”) together with the British company Electra Commercial Vehicles Limited (“Mou”) to zero the market in the United Kingdom and Ireland Emission fuel cell trucks to develop.

Electra will function as a so-called system integrator in this cooperation to integrate the Fuel Cell System of Proton Engine into its own electric truck portfolio. Prototon Motor receives the company in the development and qualification of fuel cell trucks technical support and training. Together, you want to develop such a prototype vehicle for serial testing. Furthermore, Electra will first order five fuel cell systems from Proton Motor. In addition, joint distribution and marketing activities in the United Kingdom have been agreed.

Sid Sadique, Chairman of Electra Commercial Vehicles Ltd ,, Assigns the cooperation as follows: “We have rated fuel cell systems from a number of suppliers and are very pleased to have signed the MOU with Proton Motor. System Support or. Technical support from Proton Motor will enable Electra to accelerate the development of its new set of battery-electric fuel cell trucks.”

This joint project is driven by the fact that demand for zero emission trucks in the United Kingdom rises rapidly. This in turn happens because of that authorities and large fleet operators plan to achieve their goals to reduce CO2 emissions over these types of vehicles with alternative drives. In order to meet this demand, Electra is planning an extension of its production capacities in the next 12 months.

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2 thoughts on “Proton Motor: Null Emission Fuel Cell Truck for Great Britain Ireland”

  1. What miracles me in fuel cell systems – The truck conversions making diesel trucks to E-trucks use battery electric drives and no fuel cell systems – why?

    Apparently, you know what Scania Weis – purely battery electric drives are “more efficient, robust and cheaper”.

    Why that obviously does not know the other, Since you can only speculate – I suspect the Hydrogen Alliance with their over 800 members, usually large corporations, exercises a certain pressure, especially at political level, and there are more and more companies forced something with fuel cells and hydrogen To offer tanks to benefit from expected lobbying H2 boom.

    With efficiency, robustness and price The fuel cell E motor systems can not keep up with the purely battery electrical drives and in weight, range and tank times the advantages of fuel cell systems are vanished in a few years.

    What can the Hydrogen alliance make? – continue to edit the politicians so that the energy transition with us “Knuppel between the legs throws” to enforce your idea of a worldwide H2 import, of course with “CO2 certificate” for advertising – otherwise everything stays with old, incl. Political dependencies and support non-democratic states plus high H2 prices for returns and dividends of the old and new energy companies as well as their shareholders.

    Energy turning from below – she gets a little more difficult, but we have the “choice” in autumn.
  2. If someone wants to protect the environment and save in front of the collapse, then he is still so glad that a technology is on the road that will soon be able to cope with us soon and very long stretches CO2-free. The continuous polemic here against H2 technology shows that the fan-boy alliance is not about. They are fan of a specific technology, have a guru to which they believe unconditionally and fight all deviators from the right faith. They do not want to think (or calculate), they want to believe.
    This is boring.


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