PS.Storage in Einbeck: Germany’s most fascinating classic car body

PS.Storage in Einbeck

From the ancient-benz to science fiction-mobil: Germany’s most fascinating classic car korso

PS.Storage in Einbeck: Germany's most fascinating classic car body-most
PS.Spciher / Stefan Lindhoff Rare Bayern classic: BMW 501

  • Site author Carl Christian Jancke (Einbeck)

The PS.Storage in Einbeck in Lower Saxony is Europe’s largest classic museum. Once a year the old sheet is alive. We were there at one of the most fascinating oldie-tour in Germany.

If life does not determine life, the same acting in the south of Lower Saxony between Harz and Weserbergland is repeated every year. A few hundred old cars collect in front of the former grain memory to drive through Einbeck in a convoy. The inhabitants of the city known for their original stake sit in garden furniture and camping chairs on the side of the column through the residential areas and wave and clap as usual on the traditional rally Saxony Classic. When the otherwise at least adult vehicles bend into the old town full of neat half -timbered houses, hundreds line the edge of the pedestrian zone here too.

Senior leads the classic car parade

At the top is always an older gentleman with his wife in a special automobile. You don’t see his 84 years. Karl-Heinz Rehkopf competes in the Benz Victoria from 1894, probably the oldest still street-friendly vehicle in Germany, and sometimes in the Delorean, which apparently has the same built-in as the time machine from Marty McFly in "Back to the future". Once even escorted by around 20 vehicles of the spectacular wing door, who seemed more than could and flopped commercially. His initiator and namesake ended up in prison because he tried to save the company and car with a drug deal.

PS.Storage in Einbeck: Germany's most fascinating classic car body-most
PS.Storage / Stehan Lindhoff Karl-Heinz Rehkopf in probably the oldest car in Germany, a Benz Victoria

But deer head is not just a car and motorcycle enthusiast. The Corso celebrates the birthday of the PS every year.Speichers, a conglomerate of exhibitions, depots and areas on which around 2500 motorcycles, automobiles, trucks, buses and fire engines are distributed across the urban area, mostly in the earlier wallpaper factories, which gradually stop their activities here. The city had a structural problem. After all, the KWS Saat remains a prospering company that supplies agriculture with its seeds. Rehkopfs PS.Storage is a hopeful lighthouse in the city, so to speak,.

PS.Storage in Einbeck: Germany's most fascinating classic car body-storage
PS.Storage Delorean as a time machine

Center for automotive high culture

The core of this center of automotive high culture is the PS.Memory itself. Around 400 vehicles draw the development of mobile history on 8 floors in epochs. Elaborate installations and virtual presentations put the bicycles, motorcycles, scooters and cars in their historical context and show the living environments in which they enjoyed their drivers. The exhibition impressively presents that the comfort of mobile locomotion grew with prosperity in society and caused a change in production. In the early fifties, the motorcycle industry was booming, which already gave way to minimalist small cars in the mid-decade, where some climate activists today had their real joy today.

Minimalist oldies from the 1950s

Messerschmitt cabin scooters, Goggo-Mobil and Zundapp Janus were futuristic concepts, sometimes with a pulpit modeled on the aircraft, sometimes designed from the front and back identically. The front and rear passengers sat back on back and rose through a front and a tail door at the front and back and not to the side. The Italian Isetta, which was built by BMW in license, also had a door that opened up and not to the side.

The oldest approved car in Germany

PS.Storage in Einbeck: Germany's most fascinating classic car body-germany

German wave The oldest approved car in Germany

The highlight is a Hanomag Kommissbrot (1925), of which the vernacular once wrote: “A little tin, a bit of paint and the Hanomag is ready.”With the Spartan pre -war car you can find out the streets in the mid -1920s in a driving simulator. It is important to comply with the contemporary traffic rules and the control of the commissioning bread (term stands for the mostly spartan displacement) is not too easy, so that some trips end early with a small accident – of course only simulated in the museum. There is also a racing simulator in front of the hall where you can test your talent as a sports driver with a Porsche 996.

PS.Storage in Einbeck: Germany's most fascinating classic car body-storage
PS.Storage Hanomag "Commissioner"

The ensemble of modern architecture is completed by a restaurant named Gense workshop and a design hotel with the name Freigeist, which may not be assumed in the Lower Saxony province. There is a glass table in the foyer. A BMW star engine from the JU 52 serves as foot. You can tell: old technology is almost celebrated here.

A new classic car every week

Rehkopf, more collectors than hunters, is said to have acquired at least one motorcycle or car for his steadily growing collection in his professional active time every week. The backbone of the PS.Speichers is the small car collection StOry from the obvious Bockenem, which was saved in the early 2010. As if Rehkopf hadn’t bought enough cars in his life, he also bought the collection of Emil BOlling, who died in 2015.

90 years Volvo: The most beautiful cult cars of the Swedes

PS.Storage in Einbeck: Germany's most fascinating classic car body-storage

Site/Wochit 90 years Volvo: The most beautiful cult cars of the Swedes

The museum’s car parade is spectacular, because over 40 vans, buses, firefighting cars, semitrailers, furniture cars and tanklids, with the lively sympathy of the population, plow through the route from Sittensen near Bremen to Einbeck – a masterpiece. Today there are around 300 almost always ready-to-drive commercial vehicles in the truck depot, probably one of the largest collection of imposing witnesses of their epochs, whose drivers are not for nothing that the captain of the country road was called. A highlight of the steadily growing collection is the “Lanz economy”, in which there is a thirty exhibits of the iconic tractor brand.

Electric golds are also part of it

Because the permanent exhibition does not offer enough space, there is of course also a small -scale depot in which the history of these vehicles is illuminated using 150 further driving vehicles, some even with an electrical drive. Because the first automobile was already electrically motorized, the combustion engineers only came later. The path through the small-scale depot goes past the entire Fiat 850 family, consisting of limousine, coupe and spider, a mini saddle tractor, also a trabant or a load hike from the Hamburg manufacturer Tempo with platform. In general, the brand and biodiversity should make the visitor thoughtfully correct. Many no longer exist today.

PS.Storage in Einbeck: Germany's most fascinating classic car body-classic
PS memory One of the oldest electric cars

If you look at the motorcycle depot, you could almost overlook the individual exhibit due to the sheer mass of more than 800 motorcycles of all brands, construction years and era. In between, the origin of the depot, which once served as a wallpaper factory. As with the trucks, Einbeck also proves to be a grail keeper that was just underneath that did not survive the crash after the motorcycle boom in the fifties. At that time the motorcycle was not a sports equipment like today, but a means of transportation.

2500 cars in stock

How much of the 2500 historical vehicles of the PS.Save in the 3800 sqm PS.Depot Automobil is not published on the homepage. There are enough and 100ere in any case. One reason may be that the cars are kept almost all in the driving condition and therefore occasionally leave the museum disguised as a deposit. The cars, which mainly come from the 50s, 1960s and 70s, are almost always ready to drive and are kept in this state by a motivated workshop team. Because this is the case with almost all 2500 vehicles, it is a Herculean performance.

In the year of Brexit: British Kult car celebrates birthday

PS.Storage in Einbeck: Germany's most fascinating classic car body-germany

Site/Wochit In the year of Brexit: British Kult car celebrates birthday

I was able to work away from it myself during the Einbeck classic car day. In 2016 I was allowed to use a BMW 502 baroque angel Cabrio on the “PS.Saving Rallye ”and the Sunday exit, in 2017 it was an Opel Record Cabrio of Firrma Deutsch and 2018 even a Mercedes 230 Spider from 1940, which put my switching arts on the test. The car has a rapidly called “overdrive”, which wants to be inserted without a clutch. In 2018 it was an Opel Olympics from the same year of construction that impressively documented that Opel owner General Motors had a significant lead over the German manufacturers.

Corona break for classic pilots

Last year there was a Corona break and this year I was allowed to slide through the Weserbergland with a co-pilot like a co-pilot (both of us) with a luxurious Mercedes 220 s, which the locals are not proud of the toscana of the north for nothing to name. In fact, there is a flair of such a flair, while the vehicles in the villages and small towns expect enthusiastic spectators, who are looking forward to the mountainous streets of the low mountain range, who are happy to wave you joyfully.

Small breakdowns are part of it

We simulated the only supposed defect ourselves. Suddenly we discovered a red warning lamp and when calling the fleet boss, the assumption emerged that the alternator could have a problem. We drove on to the safe expectation that we should eventually lie on the side of the path with a unloaded battery. Not even close.Ultimately, the warning lamp turned out to be an indication of the indicator. In this vehicle, it is served in the middle of the steering wheel with a chrome -plated lever in the early 1960s, which at the same time presses the horn when you press it. I accidentally triggered him while horny.

Plusch alarm 1977: Mercedes-Kombis then and now

PS.Storage in Einbeck: Germany's most fascinating classic car body-fascinating

Site/Wochit Plusch alarm 1977: Mercedes-Kombis then and now

The PS.Storage does not need a direction of direction. His course seems clear. He is the Eldorado in automotive history, supported by many volunteers and the people of an entire region. The number of overnight stays should have gone up since its opening and the team led by managing director Lothar Meyer-Mertel are constantly trying to keep the matter in conversation with constant new ideas. If you calculate the exhibits and the construction work of PS.Speech, hotel, depots and extensions, seems to be the volume of the patronage of the patronage of 40 million. To lie on the euro. And an end does not seem to be foreseeable at first. Employee Sascha Fiellies recently presented an Opel Senator with all-wheel drive in the new YouTube channel. The British military had to have it converted in the GDR for exploration trips. The justification resulted from an agreement between the Allies.

Far brands from Borgward to Messerschmidt

The greatest earnings of the PS.It is Speichers to maintain and cope with brands and cars that have long been lost. Borgward, Messerschmidt, Glas, Zundapp, Hanomag, Krupp, Magirus would probably vegetate in a few private garages at best because the manufacturers no longer exist and there is no classical department for traditional care.

Schwede found one of the last Borgward racing cars – now he is starting again

PS.Storage in Einbeck: Germany's most fascinating classic car body-einbeck

Site/Wochit Schwede found one of the last Borgward racing cars – now he is starting again

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