Public Work of Torslanda: Volvo’s first climate-neutral production site

Public Work of Torslanda: Volvo's first climate-neutral production site-public

Volvo Cars makes the next big step on the way to a climate-neutral production: The parent plant in Swedish Torslanda is the company’s first passenger car production facility, which fully reaches the status of climate neutrality. In 2018, the enginework SkOvde (Sweden) had already laid the foundation for the climate-neutral changeover of the global production network by 2025.

Volvo Cars rates a production site as a completely clinical neutral, if he causes no net increase in greenhouse gas emissions by electricity and heat consumption. Torslanda, the oldest work of the company, has been operated with climate-neutral electricity since 2008. Now it is also sustainable: half of the heat comes from biogas, the other half is mostly recovered from district heating through industrial waste heat.

Torslanda as our first climate-neutral automobile movement is a significant milestone. We have committed to having a climate-neutral production network by 2025. This conversion now shows our determination and how consistently we work to reduce our impact on the environment.”- Javier Varela, Head of Industrial Operations & Quality at Volvo Cars

In addition to the sustainable electricity and heat supply, Torslanda also reduces its energy consumption continuously. 2020 could be saved by targeted improvements in operation nearly 7000 megawatt hours (MWH), which corresponds to the annual consumption of more than 450 Swedish detached houses.

For the next few years, further efficiency improvements are planned according to their own statement: optimized lighting and heating systems should be added to 2023 additional energy savings of around 20 per year.Lead 000 mwh. These savings are part of an ambitious goal: Volvo Cars wants to reduce energy consumption per car produced by 2025 by 30 percent.

Public Work of Torslanda: Volvo's first climate-neutral production site-workVolvo

In order for Volvo Cars to achieve his goal of a climate-neutral production company, the company requires full support of local partners in government and economics. They ensure access to climate-neutral electricity and heating. In parallel, Volvo Cars develops its own capacities to create renewable electricity on site.

Climate-neutral production is part of the comprehensive Volvo climate and sustainability plan, which is one of the most ambitious throughout the automotive industry. The heart forms the electrification of the complete model range. However, Volvo Cars is not limited to vehicle emissions alone. CO2 emissions are to be reduced throughout the business, until 2040 the complete climate neutrality is achieved – even in the supply chain and by recycling and reuse of materials, which is possible with the circular economy.

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