Quanton Energon: 44-ton fuel cell truck with 700 km range

Quanton Energon: 44-ton fuel cell truck with 700 km range-quanton

In November 2019, we already reported that Quanton converted old diesel trucks and buses on electric drive. Meanwhile, we have learned that the company also brings hydrogen commercial vehicles to the start. With the energon, a 44-ton truck with fuel cell for freight traffic, Quantron starts its new fuel cell product range. The start of series production is planned for mid 2022.

The fuel cell truck can be integrated into the logistics processes. He has a range of approx. 700 km. The used 130 kW fuel cell feeds the 340 kW powered engine with the support of a 110 kWh LFP battery, which is equipped with a 2-speed gearbox. Furthermore, the company deals with other vehicles and models in order to be able to offer a broad spectrum of fuel cell solutions for companies and municipalities as soon as possible. Also in this drive variant Quantron accompanies the customers fully, so that the conversion to hydrogen without obstacles.

Quanton gives with the premiere of the energy to understand that fuel cell trucks have identical performance features identical to the high system efficiency of the fuel cell, such as normal diesel trucks. But there is a decisive advantage: the local emission freedom at CO2, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter. Because in the context of the electrochemical reaction in the fuel cell, only water vapor, which is then delivered to the environment when driving. There are also the general advantages of an electric vehicle. For the hydrogen truck enjoys the control and toll exemption as well as lower maintenance and operating costs than a truck with conventional diesel drive.

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