Quanton equips old diesel trucks and buses on electric drive

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Quanton equips old diesel trucks and buses on electric drive-buses

According to calculations, in 2016, heavy commercial vehicles were responsible for 27 percent of the CO2 emissions in road traffic – and the use of such vehicles continues to grow every year. The company founder and board of directors and Executive Board and Superas Haller contributes an innovative concept for the electrification of commercial vehicles with the Quanton AG with the Quanton AG and thus takes a pioneering role. With short conversion times, starting from three months, can be converted, for example, waste collection vehicles, a wide variety of commercial vehicle combinations or buses, depending on the configuration, from diesel to E-Motors – which allows emission-free use on site.

Alone in solitary purposes, the innovation company deals with the polluter of more than a quarter of the greenhouse gases of road traffic – and thus enables an electrified mobility solution of the future for the freight transport of freight transport often forgotten in the climate discussion. Quanton AG was founded in 2019 and has grown in no time to a supply volume of 62 million euros.

“A second environmentally friendly life”, this is the mission of Quanton AG when it comes to used commercial vehicles and buses. The remanufacturing concept of the newly founded innovation company from Augsburg can be applied to many vehicle brands and models (original equipment, OEM). In the shortest transfer time, already from three months, so z. B. the old powertrain of a used truck removes the vehicle completely and then with the new electric drive system incl. Standardized lithium-ion traction battery. So Quantron offers an overall concept for electrification with the additional E-Battery sales. Even with the training of the drivers and the fleet manager, the company supports

Focus on sustainability

At the car in the Chancellery, the following plan was envisaged in November: In order to achieve the climate goals for the year 2030 and to reduce CO2 emissions far-reaching, seven to ten million electric cars should be on the road to Germany’s streets. Mobility of tomorrow is thus suitable for everyday use. But the decision makers from politics and auto industry had a little in their discussion: in the transport sector, not only cars are responsible for the greenhouse gases. In Germany alone, the existing commercial vehicles rose to around 5.8 million in 2019, including municipal vehicles or airport buses. Most of them have so far been equipped due to the low range of alternative drives with environmental, conventional motor technology.

“Looking at climate change and dwindling resources, we have to act quickly on renewable energies and sustainability. Especially with inner-city and regional freight traffic, we are required. With our conversion process we retain the existing vehicle chassis. That means we allow for the commercial vehicles not only an emission-free e-mobility solution, but ultimately also recycle all resources in the maximum scope.”- Andreas Haller, founder and board of Quanton AG

By electrifying already manufactured commercial vehicles, the CO2 emission of the battery production can also be compensated. In addition, it is possible to supplement E-drive-converted commercial vehicles with a fuel cell, which is operated with hydrogen,.

Also worthwhile from an economic point of view

Andreas Haller, owner of Haller GmbH & Co. KG and founder of Quanton AG, looks at over 130 years of experience in commercial vehicle business. The path to an electrified and emission-free future for commercial vehicles focuses on the areas of City logistics, the municipal and construction industry, the factory traffic and the airport logistics as well as public transport.

The manufacturer’s conversion technology not only improves the CO2 balance sheet of a vehicle, but will be the company, despite the higher acquisition cost, also calculate in the long term: after the electrification, conventional operating and maintenance costs occur, such as. B. Oil change, wearing parts replacement on the internal combustion engine or fuel. In addition, the E-Technology provides new deployment potentials on the last mile in cities and enables more efficient workflows.

In addition, the conversion of the commercial vehicles, depending on the state, is sponsored to 40 to 70 percent with state resources – the Quanton AG can even provide the applications for their customers themselves. For an all-encompassing service in the converted vehicles in use, Quanton cooperates Europe-wide with 700 partner workshops. This ensures the company a nationwide network with on-site service for E-vehicles.

Electrified used and new vehicles – since the latest e-buses from Karsan

Quanton uses the huge range of existing and used vehicles, but also offers its customers new vehicles with electric drive and leasing possibilities. These include z.B. The Cobus, an electric biscuit for airports and recently also all E-Bus models of the Turkish car manufacturer KARSAN OTOMOTIV. With a delivery time of only four to six weeks – that is faster than any other provider in the market – Bring Quanton here specifically the Atak Electric and the Jest Electric from Karsan on Germany’s streets.

The importance of the innovative power of Quantron AG for the commercial vehicle industry is already evident in the offer volume of the company, which has grown to 62 million euros since its inception. Currently, the company can rebuild so up to 5000 vehicles. A few weeks ago, more Sales Points were opened in Rio de Janeiro, Lagos and Tel Aviv to meet the great international demand.

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