Quanton presents 3,5-tonner with hydrogen drive

Quanton presents 3,5-tonner with hydrogen drive-presents

With green hydrogen privileged vehicles protect the environment, are quiet on the road and convince with a high range. Ideal for sustainable companies that want to put on emission-free freight transport for the long-distance. In addition to fully electric commercial vehicles, Quanton AG also offers mobility solutions with hydrogen fuel cell systems. Your latest product in this segment is the transporter Q-Light FCEV.

On the Nufam, a leading trade fair for the commercial vehicle industry, Quanton introduced the Q-Light for the first time a trade audience. As hydrogen fuel cell transporter in the range of 3.5 to 4.2 tonnes, it is unique throughout Europe. The vehicle is offered in collaboration with the Quanton Partner and Fuel Cell Experts AE Driven Solutions. The partners rely on reliable and proven powertrain technology, which is already in use in more than 400 vehicles throughout Europe. All components of the Q-Light FCEV comply with the European safety standards.

Quanton presents 3,5-tonner with hydrogen drive-quantonQuanton

The payload of the Q-Light FCEV is analogous to that of a comparable diesel vehicle. The tank time can also be compared to that of a diesel vehicle. The Q-Light FCEV can be flexibly driven in electrical or fuel cell mode. The battery capacity is 37 kWh and possessions as well as the 15 kW fuel cell used over a long service life, so Quantron in a current message. The waste heat of the fuel cell can also be z. B. for heating the interior, so that additional electricity can be saved.

Quanton supports its customers to find the ideal vehicle for their individual requirements. Due to its wide selection of structures, the Q-Light FCEV is flexible for different applications, such as in the logistics industry or as a delivery vehicle. Through its quiet and emission-free drive, the transporter can also be used for daily edge and night times. Depending on requirements, the vehicle can be equipped with up to four hydrogen tanks and thereby achieves a range of up to 500 km. In addition, the performance of the fuel cell should also be scalable, so that the vehicle in different versions, such as Z. B. Also as 7.2 tonnes of variant, can be offered as the manufacturer places in view.

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1 thought on “Quanton presents 3,5-tonner with hydrogen drive”

  1. I wonder if a 15 kW fuel cell is installed and the 3,5-tonner z.B. 27 kWh consumed at 100 km at 80 km / h, so 21.6 kWh per hour – how should the fuel cell with 15 kWh deliver enough electricity? So the battery must be full when starting so you can deliver the missing 6.6 kWh.

    37 kWh to battery – net or gross?

    Calculated at 33 kWh net, it would be 5 hours at 80 km / h – so 400 km.

    There is also 4 hydrogen tanks not much if the fuel cell is too short-dimensioned and with empty batteries only 15 kWh can provide for the electric motor – so at 50 km / h or 30 km / h and less fully charged the mountain high to the next charging column?

    For the short corner of the battery, the battery with 33 kWh would have been net for about 120 km and without the expensive fuel cell technology and without the expensive H2 tanks.

    Obviously, the merchants have set too much the red pencil at the very expensive fuel cells.


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