Quanton presents electro commercial vehicle Q-ELION

Quanton presents electro commercial vehicle Q-ELION-electro

Diverse application possibilities in a compact design promises Quantron, a provider of electric commercial vehicles, for the compact Q-ELION. As a distributor of the Austrian manufacturer MUP Technologies, Quantron offers the vehicle in two series: as a device carrier in the M series and as a transporter in the T series. Both are located in the approval class N1 with a maximum permissible total weight of up to 3.5 tonnes. Thus, for driving a Q-ELION is only the driver’s license class B prerequisite.

Q-ELION denotes Quanton as the optimal tool for modern municipalities and transport services that put on an environmentally friendly and effective way of working. The emission-free Q-ELION is characterized by the combination of high-quality and partially maintenance-free components. The operating costs are significantly lower compared to a diesel vehicle of the same class. Both series of Q-ELION are flexibly usable by a variety of placement and assembly equipment and can also drive narrow streets and walkways thanks to their compact size of just 1.60 meters wide.

Among other things, the T series of Q-ELION come into question for the use of municipalities, delivery services or gardeningers. Also for internal transport inserts and logistics centers, the E-vehicle is ideally suited, for example by its high payload of up to 1.4 tonnes. Further pluses are the range of up to 205 kilometers and a maximum speed of 65 km / h, which can also be used for urban trailers for shortening start times.

Quanton presents electro commercial vehicle Q-ELION-vehicleQuanton

The M series of Q-ELION is also designed for extensive use in a variety of work areas, such as for oaths or municipal service providers, shares Quantron. The M series also offers many individual equipment possibilities. For example, it can be equipped with a casting arm and water tank or a mower for green maintenance. Also for cleaning or road maintenance, the agile equipment carrier is suitable with a range of up to 255 kilometers.

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1 thought on “Quanton presents electro commercial vehicle Q-ELION”

  1. This company also tries to be hydrogen trucks ..

    In April 2020, Quanton – no twelve months after its founding – the sales and aftersales partner for commercial vehicles and industrial applications for Catl in Europe. In addition, the Augsburger tinkes together with Freudenberg Sealing Technologies on one Fuel cell system for trucks in the 40-ton weight class and equip after a Deal completed in November 2020 with Man Topused their young used.

    … what I think very regrettable – seemingly the H2 lobby has a great political support through many influences at the highest level, all disadvantages.

    But the company also has many purely battery electric vehicles on offer.

    Information, pictures and a brochure for Q-elion >> https: // http://www.quanton.NET / Q-Mobility / Q-Micro /


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