Quanton strengthens global presence through Share Swap with eV Dynamics

Quanton strengthens global presence through Share Swap with eV Dynamics-presence

Quanton AG and EV Dynamics bundle their powers and become mutual shareholders. Quanton is system supplier of battery and hydrogen-powered e-mobility for commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses and vans with a focus on the electrification of commercial vehicles. EV Dynamics is a European-Asian consortium of companies specializing in electrical and hydrogen-based mobility. The company formerly known as China Dynamics is a provider of integrated drive and logistics solutions for a variety of application areas. The group has a production facility in Chongqing and a sales network in China, Hong Kong, Asia-Pacific and South America.

Together, Quanton AG and EV Dynamics now want to open up procurement and supply chain options for EV components, so the two companies in a recent communication. In addition, the team of EV Dynamics will support Quanton AG for conversions and technical developments. Together, Quantron and EV Dynamics want a production capacity of more than 10.000 vehicles reach per year. After completing the share exchange, EV Dynamics has about 14 percent of the share capital of Quantron AG. Majority owners of Quantron AG continue to be founder and board Andreas Haller.

Quanton and eV Dynamics will jointly bring BEV and FCEV vehicles to market. Quanton develops the products based on our many years of expertise in Germany and Europe. Production is done by eV dynamics. Thus, EV Dynamics will play an important role in our global growth strategy. Both companies will also evaluate strategic partnerships with fuel cell companies. The share exchange is another milestone for the strategic growth of both companies.”- Andreas Haller, founder and board of Quanton AG

Miguel VallDecabres Polop, CEO of eV Dynamics, supplemented that Quantron is ideal for the group of eV-focused companies around EV Dynamics Passense: “Quanton has a long-standing EV expertise for commercial vehicles and has excellent market access in Europe. Ev Dynamics will become one of the production facilities of Quanton.”

In addition to new electric vehicles, the wide range of power spectrum also includes the electrification of used and inventory vehicles, the creation of individual overall concepts including the appropriate charging infrastructure as well as rental, financing and leasing offers as well as driver training. In addition, Quanton AG distributes batteries and integrated tailor-made electrification concepts to manufacturers of commercial vehicles, machinery and intralogistics vehicles. The company sees itself as a pioneer and innovation driver for e-mobility in passenger, transport and freight traffic. It has a network of 700 service partners and the knowledge of qualified specialists from the areas of power electronics and battery technology, including the cooperation with Catl, the world’s largest battery producer. Quanton AG connects, as high-tech spinoff of Haller GmbH, 138 years of commercial vehicle experience with modern e-mobility know-how.

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