Radical mucking out at Jaguar: Only one model survives – and this is an e -car news

Thierry Bollore, head of the automotive group Jaguar-Land Rover (JLR), has announced a radical upheaval at the Jaguar luxury brand. With the exception of the electrical I-Pace, which you can see in the video, none of the vehicles from the manufacturer’s model portfolio should receive a successor. In the future, there should also be no SUVs from Jaguar.

In order to counter the falling sales of Jaguar, CEO Thierry Bollore has announced far -reaching changes in an interview with the British news portal AutoCar. None of the current Jaguar series, from the SUVS F-PACE and E-PACE to the model series Jaguar XE, XF and XJ to the luxury sports car F-Type, a successor should still receive. The only exception is the battery-electric i-pace. From 2025 there should then be a completely revised, purely electrical model range.

Bollore referred to the positioning of the company sister Range Rover as a model for restructuring. Range Rover produces cars in a unique format and with a unique design and can therefore prize accordingly. "Take a look at the Range Rover", Bollore told AutoCar. "[The brand] is satisfactory about the price and profit, and we have not even reached the upper limit here. The price is extraordinary and we have the necessary volume."

Range rover is "unique in his positioning", What Bollore also wants to achieve with Jaguar. He explained that the plan for Jaguar was there, "Independent cars without overlapping" to accomplish. The new models should "Really modern luxury cars that are not a copy of anything in style and design, the point of technology and sophistication, but not backward".

Range Rover specifies the future business model for Jaguar, but Bollore no longer wants to bring SUVs or crossover onto the market, but rather uniquely shaped, deep cars without direct competitors.

The JLR boss said that the creative director of the company, Gerry McGovern, organized a design competition within the newly established design team to create inspiration for future Jaguars. The team was divided into three groups that designed designs and models in three months, for which one would normally need 18 months. Bollore said this had one "Incredible creativity" Released, now the design direction and the model family have been decided for Jaguar.

Jaguar is currently still working on a suitable and flexible electric platform to implement the new strategy. However, one is not yet sure whether it should be developed or bought from another manufacturer.

When asked why Jaguar had to muck out so radically, Bollore explained that the brand "damaged" may be. "The cars have never been as good as in 2021, but the positive properties of the brand are not recognized compared to the competition."

"If you listen to the customer today, you see [a Jaguar], like the car and test it, and then go there and still buy an Audi or a BMW", so Bollore. "That’s the problem. People buy the originals. We are not the originals. We have to design the positioning of Jaguar very differently, above and more original."

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