Radisson wants to equip all European hotel locations with charging infrastructure

Radisson wants to equip all European hotel locations with charging infrastructure-radisson

The Radisson Hotel Group, a worldwide active hotel group with nine hotel brands and more than 1500 hotels in operation and development in 120 countries, is a strategic partnership with Allego, a Europe-wide provider of charging solutions for electric cars, a strategic partnership.

This partnership aims to provide and operate charging solutions for electric cars at more 220 locations of Radisson Hotel Group throughout Europe. The offer should range from classic AC loads with up to 22 kW via DC loads with 50 kW to ultrafast charging columns with more than 150 kW charging power. The construction should begin in the UK and the Nordic countries and later also take place in Germany, France and the Netherlands.

The cooperation aims that Radisson can offer a charging solution until 2025 in each of its European accommodations. Allego set up a set of charging solutions and manages them a current message too. The new charging points should also be found through all relevant apps, including weaze, Google maps and the navigation systems in the vehicles. Cooperation also focuses on ensuring seamless payment options, including the possibility of paying charging operations on credit, debit and loading cards of more than 150 European mobility service providers (EMSPs).

Allego and Radisson want to find the optimal design of the charging infrastructure for each location, including ultra-fast and faster charging functions that are to be offered in Radisson hotels on highly frequented locations, while the slower AC load is primarily available for those guests who are available overnight remain or participate in meetings and events. Radisson hotels also want to offer practical amenities during the store, such as snacks to take away or drink, and especially in combination with the ultrafast and fast charging sessions at the hotel location.

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  1. That’s probably a matter of course. All hotel chains will have to offer. Who has no corresponding parking capacities, will be more unattractive for car ride guests.


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