Ramsauer wants to intensify the reform of the criminal record in Flensburg: More points are planned for pushers and alcohol abusers

Ramsauer wants to intensify criminal record reform in Flensburg

More points planned for pushers and blood alcohol sinners

Ramsauer wants to intensify the reform of the criminal record in Flensburg: More points are planned for pushers and alcohol abusers-criminal
dpa The files of the traffic offenders file in Flensburg. The points system is to be comprehensively reformed.

Minister of Transport Ramsauer wants to tighten the planned reform of the traffic offender card again and punish crimes particularly hard. In the future, three points will be due in Flensburg for hit and run or drunk driving.

In addition to the two categories with one or two points, there should be a third with three points in the Flensburg criminal record. This was announced by Federal Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer (CSU) in the “Bild am Sonntag”. These points should be due in the case of crimes such as hit-and-run or driving under the influence of alcohol and only become statute-barred after ten years.
"There will be three points in the future, for example, for unauthorized removal from the scene of an accident, drunk driving, failure to provide assistance or severe coercion due to tailgating," said Ramsauer. "This should bring the traffic hooligans to reason, since the driver’s license will be gone with eight points in the future."
The new points system is currently still a discussion proposal. A legislative template is to be developed in this legislative period, i.e. by autumn 2013. The changes could then come into force in 2014.

Demand for higher fines for speeders

According to Ramsauer, the improvements are the reaction to the results of a discussion forum on the Internet that his ministry had organized in the past few weeks. According to him, 30,000 people took part. “It is remarkable that many citizens have a healthy sense of justice. They want extra points for serious violations. This was by far the most requested change."
Many citizens would also have called for an increase in fines for drivers who speed past school buses, fail to fasten children or use cell phones while driving. "Although this is not part of the points reform, it is still food for thought," said Ramsauer.


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13 thoughts on “Ramsauer wants to intensify the reform of the criminal record in Flensburg: More points are planned for pushers and alcohol abusers”

  1. I always find it
    funny, the discussion about traffic and cars, at the same time all motor magazines are reporting about new, stronger, faster cars !

  2. safety distance
    As a frequent driver, I experience it again and again that if you drive in accordance with the law, i.e. keep to the speed limit to some extent, you often can no longer see the number plate of the person driving behind. Sometimes neither do the headlights. This kind of tight rear end even happens quite often when I’m on the road with my motorcycle. Not every motorcyclist is a speedster. The pushers must be put down. How about entered power limitations for these "driver". As a normal, however, it is really possible to drive as far as possible, since the police and the public prosecutor have to take care of the jacklings and the racers. So always stay relaxed and have respect for other road users.

  3. points reform
    The point reform initiated by Ramsauer will remain hot air if the density of controls is not tightened at the same time. Points are not a deterrent, but rather the risk of being caught. So more has to be checked apart from the three points, the speeders and pushers who are caught have to "rag" deliver immediately. That should have an effect.

  4. Why not….
    Every driver should have attended a driving school and therefore know and understand the STVO. Any deviation, drunk driving, driving too fast, overtaking when there is a no-overtaking zone, speeding in the fog, driving past schools too fast, using zebra crossings as acceleration lanes, etc., also means danger to other road users (everyone knows!). Why not collect a net monthly salary for every point. Then our streets would be more peaceful.

  5. About the wallet
    can be reached the most. Once you have paid a few monthly salaries, you will learn quickly. Above all, a monthly salary hurts everyone, no matter how much he earns.

  6. Why no speed limit
    It is a mystery why Ramsauer does not advocate a general speed limit. Sure, there are occasions when you can drive fast without endangering yourself. But there aren’t many and the notorious racers still try to race there. Speeding and jostling are two different things. But someone who’s so out of control that he’s jostling will sooner or later be caught in a massive speeding violation. And then he should be taken out of circulation – to increase everyone’s safety.

  7. pusher
    I miss a point for "traffic obstructions" and "traffic jams". The left lane is a fast lane and not intended for driving in front of faster vehicles from the right at 90 and then not even accelerating to make room again. Often you have to drive for kilometers behind such brakemen. It’s certainly just as necessary as driving too close…

  8. Free ride less trouble
    If everyone could drive freely, 90% of these problems wouldn’t even exist. They only happen because there aren’t enough tracks. The drivers are under too much stress, too much time pressure, too many people suddenly swerving to the left at 120, too many trucks blocking, too many construction sites, too many stories.limitations. There is not enough free travel, not enough lanes. It’s annoying, everyone wants to get ahead. On the other hand, no points but more lanes help! But hitting it with points is of course easier and cheaper, of course.

  9. Is correct
    There urgently needs to be more left lanes on the German autobahns so that speeders don’t get in the way. To compensate for this, the right lanes could be removed. But seriously, you should just think about the nonsense you’ve spewed out here.

  10. Now everyone feels threatened
    who are afraid of being judged as a pusher and no longer being able to live out their selfishness behind the wheel. It’s good if they are taken out of circulation. Public transport is primarily about ensuring that everyone arrives safely. Anyone who mistakes this space for a race track should only be allowed to drive there.


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