Range Rover 2022: All information about the nine model

New presentation Range Rover 2022

Five meter old world: Even with new technology, the Range Rover remains loyal

Range Rover 2022: All information about the nine model-model
JLR The new Range Rover 2020 as a plug-in hybrid

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The Range Rover remains the most important SUV outdoor figure of the British and has been completely newly developed. In the design, the primeval meter of the noble seats remains true to itself. A lot of electricity must be found in the technology so that the off-road trump can continue to drive in the future.

If you look into the new Range Rover in the LED eyes, you would like to think that it is a normal model maintenance and the flanks also bring no major innovations apart from a more pronounced shoulder. The whole thing looks different at the rear, because the dark crested arch, which hides the LED light units horizontally and vertically, makes the rear appear completely different than before.

Range Rover: USA is the most important market

The design should not only find its fans on the main market USA. Lush dimensions, two wheelbases, large glass surfaces and the two-part tailgate, which has now been upgraded with sound and lighting elements remain upgraded. For the first time, the 5.25 meter long XL version can also be obtained as a seven-seater, which should hardly be interested in someone in Europe.

Range Rover 2022: All information about the nine model-2022
JLR Range Rover 2022

But in the United States there seems to be a number of customers who want to play the children’s transporter in the event of cases and want to fold out any emergency seats from the loading space. From next year this will also work with the new Range Rover, of which no one knows exactly when he is celebrating his premiere. Technical delays and the persistent chip crisis should hardly make a market launch before mid -2022.

Range Rover 2022: All information about the nine model-information
JLR Range Rover 2022

Comfort armchair also for the stock

Inside, the 5.05 meter long Range Rover also remains happy despite the complete new development. Animated 13.7-inch instruments and a 13.1-inch high-edge display dominate the dashboard together with an enlarged head-up display. Surprisingly, there are additional displays with diagonals of 11 or 13 inch diagonals in the second row, but none for the passenger. This differs from many other luxury limousines and SUVs, which will follow with large displays for the first row in the next two years. The comfort armchairs set standards in the front row, which is also available in the rear and then replace the normal three -seat bench here. Depending on the model, there are up to 15 current plugs and electrically usable doors."

Range Rover 2022: All information about the nine model-2022
JLR Range Rover 2022

At the units, JLR enters new territory with its range of over 2.5 tons. The previous engines are flying out of the Range-Rover program, because engines from Bavarian lands are now ensuring that is appropriate to the custody. BMW is now the engine supplier and instead of the luxury british with what 7 Series and X5 / X7 is nice and expensive. Diesel units with three liters of displacement are still offered in the power levels with 250, 300 and 350 hp market -specific.

Korea SUV clears Audi and VW-price-performance ratio is unbeatable

Range Rover 2022: All information about the nine model-2022

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In the medium term, the torque-strong diesel diesel is likely to be replaced by plug-in hybrids. With 105 kW / 143 hp electrical support as Range Rover R 510E, the three -liter six -cylinder is up to 510 hp and thus significantly more than it does under the original Bavarian bonnet. Fortunately, the four-cylinder plug-in hybrid, which is doing his service in the current Range Rover.

Diesel or PS strong plug-in hybrid

As a top model, the successor not only offers 395 kW / 510 hp and the image-prone six cylinder, but also a purely electrical range of around 100 kilometers thanks to its 38.2 kWh battery. Many of the everyday routes should be covered without the use of the combustion. The small plug-in hybrid with a similar drive still makes 324 kW / 440 hp. In terms of price, the 250 hp base diesel in the Range Rover is 121.200 euros go.

Range Rover 2022: All information about the nine model-2022
JLR Range Rover 2022

However, those responsible for JLR make no secret of the fact that most customers rely on powerful eight -cylinder. The 4.4 liter V8 in the new Range Rover 390 kW / 530 hp and, like the six-cylinder, the known eight-speed automatic from ZF is linked to the well-known eight-speed automatic. A six -cylinder with 400 hp follows a little later. At 242 km/h tip, it is hardly slower than the V8 double turbo, which was controlled at the 250 km/h. With a consumption of 10.1 liters great, it is two liters more economical than the image -strong top model over 100 kilometers. The torque -strong diesel comes from 7.6 liters of fuel. In 2024 the British then add a pure electrical version. An additional agility is intended to ensure that it is standard axle that is standard for all versions and can give in to the rear wheels by up to seven degrees.

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Range Rover 2022: All information about the nine model-2022

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    At the price there is luxuriously equipped motorhomes with shower, toilet, double bed and kitchenette with almost the same construction length. With them you can also block curves in the city and two parking spaces. Such cars are very useful.

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    Well, there are still nations on the left and right of Germany that have more space and do not have a permanent and end of the world. There are also enough money for such cars. And that is exactly where they are sold, whether you think this is good here or not. Nobody is interested in that, that’s sure ! Here are only e-cars with 2 to 2.5 tons that can really save the environment (satire?)))

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    It is on these vehicles that the diesel version will probably be much more sustainable and environmentally friendly for the lifetime period in the Most of the Strom mix in most countries. But the feeling of supposedly doing something for the environment seems to be more important to many contemporaries than it is reality.

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