Range Rover Series I – III as a used car – tips

Range Rover Series I – III

Off-road fun or penny grave? What you have to consider with used Range Rover

Range Rover Series I - III as a used car - tips-series
Manufacturer Cult, but rare as a classic and not without problems: Ranger Rover Series 1

With the Range Rover, the British have been relying on impressive luxury off paved paths for decades. Finding a good classic on the used car market is not easy.

Of course, the Range Rover is not the only one and, in fact, not the first luxury off-road vehicle. On the other side of the Atlantic, models such as the Jeep Wagoneer / Grand Wagoneer, a Chevrolet Blazer or the early Ford Bronco were already in the 1960s for unpaved paths in the 1960s. But at least in Europe the Range Rover was the first of its kind and is still an integral part of the luxury segment to this day. The legend Range Rover begins in the 1960s.

Great Britain’s most famous off-road car

At that time, Land Rover was jealous of cars such as the Jeep Grand Wagoneer or the Ford Bronco, which prove that off -road vehicles can be much more than pure work animals. The British also want to have a leisure device with 4×4. The engineers develop a new permanent all-wheel drive with a blockable midrange difference, borrow the 3.5-liter V8 engine from the Rover P6 and fit the technology into a robust conductor frame. The chassis with screw springs ensures good driving comfort and off the streets.

Range Rover Series I - III as a used car - tips-tips
Manufacturer Range Rover models from early generations from 1970 are angular, iconic – and demanding

The official starting shot was given in 1970: the small automobile sensation is at the dealer for less than £ 2000. Since Rover belonged to the British Leyland brand consortium, it was not exactly the best thing to do with the quality of the cars, but the hard -wearing Range Rover was still in great demand. Because the British could not even cover the need, even the black market for the Range Rover bloomed. In 1972 the British Trans-America expedition from Alaska drove to Cape Horn, where the car demonstrates its enormous off-road capabilities.

The G-Class comes everywhere-with a V8 engine even into the diesel ban zone

Range Rover Series I - III as a used car - tips-used

Site The G-Class comes everywhere-with a V8 engine even into the diesel ban zone

Fashionable lifestyle SUV and work animal

In 1974 the Range Rover crosses the Sahara from west to east – 12.000 kilometers in 100 days. The off-road vehicle becomes a fashionable lifestyle SUV and work animal alike, even the royal family enjoys it with their ranks in Scotland. "Although Land Rover enjoyed the applause that the car got, there was hardly anything to develop it for ten years," says the Land Rover expert Mike Gould. It wasn’t even the money to bring a four -door version onto the market that many customers wanted. The Swiss body maker Monteverdi finally produced such a vehicle with all kinds of options based on the International Scout II itself.

Range Rover Series I - III as a used car - tips-used
Manufacturer Range Rover Series III: more modern forms, more technology and high maintenance effort

It was only eleven years after his premiere that the British built the four -doorer on his own from 1981, including the luxurious special model "Vogue". It is the actual forerunner of today’s Range Rover. The fashion magazine Vogue had organized a photo shoot in Biarritz with the car, with beautiful people in chic clothes, which Land Rover got the idea for his famous special models.

Range Rover Series I - III as a used car - tips-used
Manufacturer Cockpit of the first Range Rover

Even today, a classic Vogue British country house charm sprays: cozy armchairs, lots of chic wood and all sorts of comforting extras spoil the passengers. The first generation of the Range Rover was built for almost 25 years and was hardly changed during this time. Almost 318.000 pieces were produced.

Range Rover: It was only in 1994 that a new generation came

It was not until 1994 that the second generation came onto the market, in addition to a V8 engine, a BMW diesel was also available under the hood. The third generation started in 2001. In the current model there is an overwhelmed four -cylinder with electrical support, a torque -strong six -cylinder (diesel or petrol engine), the diesel of which replaced the SD8 or a bully V8 with compressor charging and up to 565 hp.

Baic gets in with Daimler – the next Mercedes G -Class looks like this?

Range Rover Series I - III as a used car - tips-range

Site Baic gets in with Daimler – the next Mercedes G -Class looks like this?

In search of a classic Range Rover for your own garage, the offers are not too diverse. The third generation developed by BMW is probably the cheapest way to move a Range Rover. Due to the poor pollutant classification, the diesel are only a topic away from the city centers-but here is a good choice if the maintenance history is right and it is not the rump-like six-cylinder diesel with a weak 177 hp. The V8 TD is significantly better, whose 3.6 liter Commonrail diesel will produce 200 kW / 272 hp from the mid-2000s. Mostly with luxury equipment and a mileage of less than 150.000 kilometers are already available under 15.000 euros.

Range Rover Series I - III as a used car - tips-series
Manufacturer The Range Rover is England’s luxurious off-road legend

The maintenance history is the be-all and end-all, because the Range Rover Vogue V8 TD are not without mistakes in terms of electronics, air suspension or Commonrail system. A complete checkbook is therefore indispensable and you should not be blinded by the luxury equipment with air -conditioned leather chairs, fondentainment or a noble special varnish. Almost 400 hp supercharged versions from 2008/2009 are available from 10.000 euros, but here the maintenance costs are even higher than with the diesel variants.

Used Range Rover: Caution, high maintenance costs!

If you can or want to do without the Solide BMW technology and want to search in the entry segment, the second generation of the Range Rover from the years 1996 or 2000, which is not particularly popular, starts well under 10.000 euros. A 4.6-liter engine ensures the drive, which delivers around 220 hp. Over the years, however, some models have been converted to an LPG gas system. However, the models are better, as is the original as possible and do not wear rust on the body. Here, too, it is time to take a closer look at the service history, because automatic transmission, all -wheel drive and electronics are solid, but if there is a defect, it becomes expensive. But the second generation also mostly offers luxury equipment with details such as parking heating, electric leather seats or sliding roof. If you get a cheap, good model, you should only win money in the coming years.

Why the first jeep was the most luxurious car of its time

Range Rover Series I - III as a used car - tips-tips

Site/Wochit Why the first jeep was the most luxurious car of its time

This also applies to Generation I with the distinctive primeval styling and the ball-round front lights. The technology is not as expensive as in the years after, but a model from the late 1980s technically has many trees and the gaps in the maintenance history have excluded some snapper. There were eagerly tinkering on many models over the years and the topic of rust and electrics is a large, whether 3.5 or 4.2 liters of displacement. If necessary, it is worthwhile to look for a model from Japan or the southern states of the United States, which often have a better condition, but have a sometimes indefinable maintenance history. The prices start at 15.000 euros and go up to 50 depending on the condition.000 euro mark. It just costs its price to drive a legend.

Korea SUV clears Audi and VW-price-performance ratio is unbeatable

Range Rover Series I - III as a used car - tips-clears Audi VW-price-performance ratio unbeatable

Site Korea SUV clears Audi and VW-price-performance ratio is unbeatable

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  1. I love my range
    There is no vehicle in this segment that triggers such a driving experience and well -being. … I drove in advance of several competitive vehicles from other manufacturers. Mercedes G and GLS, Toyota Landcruiser. None comes to the driving experience of a range. The GLS looks like a high -laid taxi. Boring and not really flair exudes. Of course you have to be able to afford this vehicle.

  2. My father
    Had two Range Rover, despite my warnings. Although one of them was in his garage in Spain – in the best weather conditions – the (newly bought) part rusted eagerly. Always electron with both. Problems and after a few weeks of standing time was out of the question. The loss of value of these two vehicles was extremely high. It was only after the second bankruptcy of my old man and ended the chapter Range Rover and exchanged the English. Scrap heap against a German make.

  3. Gross grave?!
    The risk of poverty is probably better. The best tip: finger away. The newer models in particular quickly turn into economic damage when the electronics spins.

  4. "The Lord protects us from storm…
    And wind, and cars that are from England" Nursed my father to say, who drove two Jaguars (XJ12) in his life. English cars "susceptible and maintenance -intensive" To call them flattered. And their days are counted, or someone really believes that we can go to German cities with a diesel or an old petrol engine in the next few years? It was not without reason that Mercedes recently introduced the EQG. A ranger rover is already a large grave in terms of consumption and maintenance, but unfortunately these beautiful vehicles no longer have a perspective in my opinion.


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