Range Rover Sport now available as plug-in hybrid

Range Rover Sport now available as plug-in hybrid-available

The British terrain athlete Range Rover Sport will continue in the model year 2018 for the first time as plug-in hybrid to start. The system total output is 297 kW / 404 hp and 640 nm torque, combined consumption in the NEFZ cycle 2.8 liters at 100 km, which corresponds to a CO2 emission of 64 g / km. In everyday life, the test bench values will certainly hardly be achieved – unless you get on the usual commuter lines with the purely electric range of 51 km.

For the first time, Land Rover customers have the opportunity for emission-free movement. At the same time, the Electrical Range Rover Sport in this way gives access to areas subject to restrictions due to the air quality, for example inner cities with Citymaut.

Range Rover Sport now available as plug-in hybrid-availableJaguar Land Rover

The new plug-in hybrid, which from 87.100 euros to have, according to the manufacturer, the generation 2018 of Range Rover Sport – but he is not the only innovation in the world’s successful series. Since the introduction of the first model generation in 2004, he has been around the globe over 732.Sold 000 times. Numerous modifications should refresh the striking body design and further lift the equipment level. The innovations in Range Rover Sport also include the integration of the modern infotainment system Touch Pro Duo.

“When we started designing the design of the new Range Rover Sport, we were important to us: we wanted to preserve his sporting expertise and at the same time develop the body’s design. The integration of design-oriented technologies, such as our new infotainment system or the LED headlights, show our pursuit of ever greater attractiveness for our customers.”- Gerry McGovern, Chefdesigner Land Rover

As the latest variant of the bestseller, Jaguar brings country Rover to the first plug-in hybrid model in the sales rooms. The new Range Rover Sport P400E connects two worlds: a 2.0 liters of four-cylinder gasoline engineers from the self-developed ingenium series with 221 kW / 300 hp and a 85 kW / 116 hp electric motor. Together, the two engines generate a system performance of 297 kW / 404 hp, which is permanently transferred to all four wheels. Thus, the new Range Rover Sport accelerates as plug-in hybrid in 6.7 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h and reaches a maximum speed of 220 km / h.

The driver of the Range Rover Sport Plug-in Hybrid can also select a consumption-optimized driving mode, in addition to the usual standard driving modes, called PEO (Predictive Energy Optimization): Enter a destination in the navigation system, the controller calculates the consecutive combination of electro- and Gasoline drive. It also uses GPS data for the route you want, such as height values. The Range Rover Sport connectivity package also includes up to 14 connections for mobile devices – including household sockets for charging notebooks or other technology.

Range Rover Sport now available as plug-in hybrid-hybridJaguar Land Rover

As a power store, the Range Rover Sport PHEV has a 13 kWh lithium-ion high-voltage battery, which is installed below the boot floor. The access point for the charging cable can find users on the vehicle front, hidden behind the land Rover logo. A complete charging of the battery takes place on a suitable wallbox in two hours and 45 minutes. On an ordinary budget socket, the SUV needs seven and a half hours over the standard charging cable until the energy stores are full again – overnight in the domestic garage, the hybrid receives such a full charge.

Orders for the new model year are now possible from the state of Rover dealers – the deliveries should start depending on the market from the end of 2017. With the presentation of the PHEV version of the Range Rover Sport, Jaguar Land Rover also emphasizes its electrification strategy: from 2020 all model series of the two British premium brands should have an electric vehicle version.

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