Range Rover Velar Plug-in hybrid: Tension with style

Range Rover Velar Plug-in hybrid: Tension with style-tension

There are cars, in front of which you can see in a fine thread reasonably uneased. In addition to others, mildly smiled in heavy boots. So if – depending on the occasion – contributes to both, should possibly take a closer look at the refreshed Range Rover Velar. The namely is one of the few cars, to the man in a tuxedo before the opera an equally good figure as in hunting gap at the edge of the forest. And woman in the marriage-style station wagon evening dress like jeans.

The Velar is intended for those who the Range Rover Sport is somewhat attributable – the Evoque but not steadily enough. Who occasionally want to be next to the track or must. And that despite Brexit and Indian group sovereignty appreciate such a thing as the fine English species. With very best references. Who, if not the Queen knew, with which make you even travel away from the asphalt asth?

Range Rover Velar Plug-in hybrid: Tension with style-hybrid

Of course, such royal propulsion requires some motor superiority, which is why the large models of the eight-stage automatic series enrich their power from three liters displacement and six combustion chambers. But that’s not enough for the coronation. With 404 hp system performance (300 hp from a four-cylinder turbo plus 143 hp from the E-Motor), the brand new plug-in version is exactly one percent over the strongest pure-burner – and the standard spurt with 5.4 seconds one tenth front.

Above all, the Velar P 400E creates with its 17 kWh battery up to 53 kilometers pure electric. The Navi helps. Would be nonsensical to accelerate before location sign or branch. Nevertheless, you have to calculate everyday life for the range in the non-fully Oden everyday life with exchanged numbers. It applies paragraph One of the battery ride: Dynamics costs distance. At Tempo 140 is therefore also the conclusion.

Range Rover Velar Plug-in hybrid: Tension with style-range

The “E-mode” can be activated at the push of a button – preferably in the city -. For longer trips, you can also reserve enough power to travel locally free of emission. So or so must someday again juice in the store. With supplies from the socket, the five and a half hours takes a wallbox, a wallbox presses the filling in a good one and a half in the cells. Even swift goes to DC columns: at 32 kW, 80 percent energy in the battery are under 30 minutes.

Inside there are opulence ex works. If desired. Who likes, maybe can also take a long time – on microfiber velor from recycling material. A kind of reduction to the essentials. This also applies to the controls that exhibit in three multi-occupied knobs. Everything else controls itself over two 12-inch touchscreens on the massive center tunnel. The front room is highly commod, to suggest less lush than 2.87 meters wheelbase. There are 625 liters of luggage their place, even nearly 1700 in folded back lathes.

Range Rover Velar Plug-in hybrid: Tension with style-hybrid

Extremely pleasing: At the Velar you still drive yourself. Although he can keep pace, track and distance, but otherwise leaves the feeling of freedom. And that with a highly balanced chassis, which keeps the car wonderful in the solder in fast curves, but also allows you to get climbs even elegantly where usually a gondola is wrong. After all, one sits in an off-road vehicle that deserves the name. Four-wheel, 21 centimeters of ground clearance, 53 centimeters Wat-depth. Immune against almost everything that comes under the up to 22-inch wheels. Only active blocking differential and air suspension remain with the burners.

Of course, all this has its price: from 70.943 euros open the stylishly sustained door handles of the Velar P 400E, for the great lord feeling in the top equipment you can easily 90.Create 000 euros – and even there the list of extras is still not ticked.

Range Rover Velar Plug-in hybrid: Tension with style-hybrid

Who knews, could spend the saved money in London. In the Savile Row. For Gieves & Hawkes for example or Anderson & Sheppard. First addresses in terms of tailor suit. Where the tailors do in the three-divider service and would like to crackle a fireplace in the store. Where to hold Nobelste’s cloth and best Harris Tweed. If you need smoking – and hunter gambling.

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  1. A car that combines all bad properties. High loading edge, moderate cargo space (since coupe-shaped roof), poor overview (due to the 4m2 bonnet) High consumption, etc. In short, a car that is now used as a status symbol and is completely superfluous. And exactly such UNDINGERs will be charged with Mi plugin, so that the buyer (nature bondage of course, otherwise you would not have to go into the terrain) a good conscience. And in the city, the thing takes 10m2 place to move a single person.
    For me, nothing in the world legitimizes such a car. Not even if it was a pure Bev.


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