Raw material study: cobalt reserves for electric cars are still sufficient for 11 years

Cobalt, lithium, graphite

Alarming study! Now the raw materials for e-cars are scarce

Raw material study: cobalt reserves for electric cars are still sufficient for 11 years-electric
Picture Alliance / dpa In the raw material laboratory of the deep sea research ship "Sun" Lying in a bowl. In addition to manganese, the valuable ore from the deep sea also contains cobalt, copper and rare earths.

Raw materials such as cobalt, lithium and graphite are essential for battery production for electric cars. But their occurrence could end faster than expected.

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More infers’ former Greens boss and current Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock suspected that it would not be quite as easy with the raw materials for electric car batteries . A current study now shows that action is required: The security of supply of industry with more than 20 important raw materials is very critical according to a study by the Institute of German Economy (IW).

Supply for e-cars "highly risky"

The supply of the raw materials, lithium and graphite, which is important for the e-car batteries, is highly risky, IW-Consult managing director Karl Lichtblau said in Munich on Wednesday in Munich. Platinum, iridium and nickel could become a bottleneck for hydrogen production – and "the energy transition will not succeed without hydrogen," warned Lichtblau.

1300 gigawatts of battery capacity would be needed for 36 million new electric cars in 2030. But the well -known cobalt reserves were only enough for the foreseeable need today. That is no reason to panic, "but a warning signal that we have to do something at all levels," said Lichtblau. Work on cobalt -free batteries, «one should not underestimate technical progress. But you have to stay on the ball.»

204 hp and less than two liters of consumption: This hybrid combination is now ridicule

Raw material study: cobalt reserves for electric cars are still sufficient for 11 years-cobalt

Site 204 hp and less than two liters of consumption: This hybrid combination is now ridicule

Cobalt -free batteries are an option

The Association of the Bavarian Economy (VBW), which commissioned the study, called for raw material partnerships to promote foreign policy and development aid politics with other countries. Because the industrial policy of individual states or unstable political conditions "contribute to an uncertain supply of raw materials for our economy," said VBW general manager Bertram Brossardt. Many metals or minerals would occur in just a few countries outside of Europe. China and other emerging countries need a lot of raw materials for their growth; Need and competition.

Raw material bottlenecks tighten delivery problems

In order to reduce dependency, the economy must recycle more raw materials. From the federal government, the economy expects a “sustainable strategy for a circular economy,” said Brossardt. Raw material efficiency and replacement would have to be promoted by research.

Already the current raw material bottlenecks and price increases made production stall: "Demand cannot be served, even though the order books are full," said Brossardt. The reliable and affordable reference to raw materials must be on the agenda in terms of foreign policy and urgently in the company.

Raw material study: cobalt reserves for electric cars are still sufficient for 11 years-electric

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204 hp and less than two liters of consumption: This hybrid combination is now ridicule

Raw material study: cobalt reserves for electric cars are still sufficient for 11 years-electric

Site 204 hp and less than two liters of consumption: This hybrid combination is now ridicule

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12 thoughts on “Raw material study: cobalt reserves for electric cars are still sufficient for 11 years”

  1. angel. Would the resources be inexhaustible … ?
    Now you have arrived on the ground of the facts and reality. Ever on the globe … looked at what paths the raw materials, especially those for batteries, have behind them? That should be environmentally friendly? Even CO2 neutral? Is a laughter or? Lithium and graphite do not grow on colorful trees!

  2. unstable political conditions
    And it makes even more sense when a woman who wants to have e-cars at all costs is still unpopular in China, the country in this world, which now has the monopoly position on the subject of crowds and battery technology. Such things are that make the complete incompetence of German politics clear. Not thought logically, actually not thought at all, but want the wall with your head.

  3. You need
    A study actually for this knowledge? They talked about that years ago. But ultimately is only one study and is like that for all raw materials. Due to this… Keep your feet still.

  4. Permanent alarm is not a strategy
    “Alarming study! Now the raw materials for e -cars are scarce ” – headline for fear or. To the motto, depending on whether you are a pro or contra electric car. Both are inappropriate. The following applies to all raw material forecasts of the past: it would still have jot jejange. The one presented here is the X-TE update of the study "raw material situation" I.A. of the association of the Bavarian economy, first published in 2009. Result: The raw material supply of German companies is not consistently secured. V.A. With metals & minerals for innovative technologies, it is risky. Example: e-mobility. Everyone involved must do this so that the care remains secured. Amen! The best future strategy is called circular economy. Also with the electric car.

  5. So so….
    Well, the current facts are more like: a lot is announced in relation to new battery technology and recycling. However, only announced. What is it really in production and sales at the moment ?? If something really got there, it would be fed up and down on every media channel, or ? Something will surely happen in the next few decades and here you can read the latest (theoretical) battery news for so long a month…….

  6. Hopefully the tiresome topic has
    dealt with the e-cars soon. Ruthlessly other countries were pretended at their expense in order to stand well in Germany. You don’t even get to ski or the sea. I also wonder why such a hype is made around these vehicles in Germany. Von Sicily, Indonesia, Palma, Iceland ECT break volcanoes, in Yemen, Syria, Ukraine, Libya, Africa previously do not contribute to a good climate balance, and these people do not build e-cars, nor charging columns, and lethal wind turbines or solar roofs. The whole project is doomed to fail before it even started. Brazil coughs something and in Romania is also illegally cleared with wood but the main thing is that we pay. There are actually still politicians who can think logically ?

  7. Yes, there are “politicians who think logically
    …be able". And there are car managers who can think logically. And engineers u.A. scientist. And in a large majority they think that the most logical automobile drive of the future is the accumulator. Conversely, there are people who are not one of the O.G. Occupational groups belong & who cannot think logically. Many of them consider e to be a hype or. A stillbirth. Wrong world!

  8. Electro mobility
    Whoever thinks that we put on batteries at today’s standard can be a few thoughts. Today’s reserves amount to approx. 15 million tons of lithium. This means that the range of the raw materials would be 240 with a requirement of 240.000 t about 60 years. If you calculate the static range with the need for 2050, we land at around 13 years. This is only lithium for the raw materials! Now we are thinking 1/2 of today’s motor vehicles are electronically loaded. If you charge your motor vehicles overnight. No chance. What is possible at the present time are renewable energies. You can get that in a few years that the majority can remain mobile. But we have to drive research forward. Then that works too.

  9. Totally outdated facts
    This is not a problem. Aluminum and sodium batteries have long been in development or ready for series production. Current batteries are already already cobalt -free – keyword lithium iron phosphate batteries. In addition, many companies are now working on recycling disused batteries. That works quite well now. All in all, again an article that only serves to satisfy e -mobility opponents – who says nothing relevant because research and industry have already thought just as far here.

  10. The currently produced vehicles
    have Li batteries and that will stay that way for a few more years. The next batteryerations exist at most as a laboratory pattern, far away from series production. The Li batteries are "Fire bombs with random igniter". The more of it get into circulation, the greater the risk of life and life.The operating license should be withdrawn from these highly dangerous vehicles until there is really safe batteries.

  11. Site as its best
    As always weak or. Not at all researched by site and chip. And the people who hack around on the raw material are probably not a plan where it is in use everywhere. You only make yourself ridiculous in Germany.


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