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E-bikes are becoming increasingly expensive. If you are currently looking for a reasonable e-wheel, you have to be about 3.Plan 000 euros. A whole rod, but a cheap discounter e-bike for 1 is not enough.500 euros or less? We give tips on what to look for when buying.

In order to illustrate you what you have to pay attention to when buying a cheap e-bike, we have got a very cheap one: the Eskute Voyager (advertisement). The Eskut comes from China and just costs 1.099 euros. And at first glance it also looks very chic. The design is rather sporty, we have beautifully running lines and except for the thick lower tube, we have nothing to indicate that this is an e-bike. This is rather unusual in this price range, because the e-bikes often look like normal bicycles, where just a motor and a battery were somehow steamed. And often that is exactly the case. However, the big security problems brings with it, because a bicycle frame can withstand the additional load due to the additional weight and the higher driving speed. This can break the frame, for example,. You should therefore keep your fingers from such e-bikes.

Pay attention to the processing

With the Eskut you can already see that it is out of a cast and the workmanship is also good. You can see this from the welds, among other things,. These should close cleanly and dents or cracks should not appear anywhere on the frame. If so, then don’t get on the e-bike.

You should also take a look at the cabling. In the case of cheap bikes, it is mostly outside the frame, mostly in the case of more expensive inside. In the second case, the manufacturer has a height of it, which in turn presses the price upwards.

For example, they are mostly outside with the Eskuten and were just tied together to one strand. It doesn’t look particularly pretty, but it is expedient at least. So it is an aesthetic flaw and a compromise that most can probably enter into if you save a few euros. Then you should make sure that all cables are well insulated and no connections are exposed – this can become a problem when moisture. For example, there are connections for the front wheel lamp and an optional throttle grip.

How roadworthy is the e-bike?

Speaking of throttle grip. Here we have another problem with cheap imports. The e-bikes have often not been developed for German laws. The engine of an e-bike may only support up to a speed of up to 25 km/h and have no more than 250 watts of power. Gas grips are also not allowed. If you still apply it, you will have to register and insure your e-bike as a small vehicle and can only drive in road traffic.

And if we are already there: cheap e-bikes are rarely. The lighting, the bell and the necessary reflectors are often missing. For example, Eskute provides a front wheel lamp, but no taillight. There must also be two reflectors on each wheel. So if you want to drive in road traffic, you should pay attention to it when buying and, if necessary, retrofit your e-bike. Something like that is not a K.O.-Criterion, but you should have in mind when buying.

The driving characteristics of a cheap e bike

Last and important point: How does a cheap e-bike drive in contrast to an expensive one? The big difference is approaching. With Billo-bikes, engine is not well tailored to the driver. Then it can happen that you step into the pedals, nothing happens for a short moment and then the engine suddenly starts. This is the case with the Eskute, for example. Even if you stop kicking, the engine continues for a moment. If you don’t consider this, you can pack yourself on your nose so quickly. In addition, the bike accelerates too much even in low support levels. Announcers should therefore use a more expensive model or at least make a test drive. If you get along well with the engine, it fits. Better to leave the cheap bike on the left or. Send it back after a online purchase.

Conclusion: cheap e-bikes are suitable for?

Cheap e-bikes under 1.500 euros are not bad per se. On the contrary. Among them are models with good equipment. Especially occasional drivers who want to swing on the e-bike for short routes every now and then, can look around in this price segment and if they note our hints, also make good bargains. As a rule, the very cheap e-bikes are not suitable for frequent drivers, since you have to make too many compromises. Bad workmanship, cheap components, poorly calibrated engine and missing safety features not only brake the driving pleasure, but can also become a danger. Better take a little more money here and enjoy his e-bike for a long time.

If you are still looking for a suitable e-bike, we recommend our purchase advice. Here you will find mid-range models with good price-performance ratios.

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