Record: More than every 3. Re-admission in November an E-car

Record: More than every 3. Re-admission in November an E-car-e-car

The German car market develops in Germany as positive. Meanwhile, the domestic market had to accept a decline for the fifth month in a row. Due to the shortage of semiconductors, domestic production and exports continue to fall sharply. In November 198 were.300 cars released. The proportion of E-cars to the entire new registrations was 34.4 percent.

Compared to the previous year, considering all cars, it turns out that sales have declined by a good third. In the first eleven months were 2.4 million. Passenger cars. Thus, the previous year’s figure was falling below 8 percent of this period. These declines are due to a significantly reduced production volume in the manufacturers. This in turn on the global semiconductor deficiency, which restricts the German automotive industry.

Positive highlight is only the increase in electro-new registrations in November. These rose by 14 percent to 68.200 units. The proportion of E-cars to the entire new registrations was 34.4 percent. This significantly exceeded the previous maximum from the previous month. The new registrations of purely battery electrical cars increased by 39 percent, which went by plug-in hybrids (PHEV) by 9 percent back in the previous year was 600.700 electric cars released (+92 percent).

The number of gasoline powered new cars went with 66.020 reduced by 43.6 percent compared to the same month of the previous year, its share was 33.3 percent. Thus almost okay with electric cars. A very good development. Also, if it would be more advantageous for the German economy if the car sales would grow in whole. In the first eleven months, domestic production amounted to a good 2.8 million. Car (-12 percent). The export also fell in November: 227.100 cars (-33 percent) deducted abroad.

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5 thoughts on “Record: More than every 3. Re-admission in November an E-car”

  1. Exactly, numbers like these show that it is a disruption on the subject of BEV – and not an evolution, as which this profound and increasingly faster change from the eternally yesterday will be presented here in the forum.

    Let’s wait completely relaxed the numbers in December – there will be one or the other certainly big eyes – but that’s alright, it’s time soon Christmas.

    Time Will Tell, And It wants Tell Very Soon &# 128578;

  2. How this will develop, we can see in Norway.
    In November there were 77.5% of new registrations E-cars, 14% plug in hybrid, 2.9% petrol engine and 2.3% diesel ..

    The CEOs of the German manufacturers can ever tie down the suit pants below. I can not imagine where the production growth should come from the E-cars.

  3. In this context, it would still be interesting as the remaining 32.3% of the approved vehicles in November on the drives diesel, LPG / CNG resp. Distribute hydrogen ?
    I assume that with electric vehicles BEV and hybrid vehicles (only PHEV ?) are meant.

  4. This VDA press release is abundantly worthless, since not not broken down how the proportion of “electric vehicles” is assembled. Because Plug-ins described as electric vehicles is actually only eyeway.

  5. In order for the new registrations of BEVs to continue to increase, we also need more charging stations for lantern parkers and these must not be limited in time, because nobody will get up in the middle of the night to park their car if they park their car in the evening!
    If I did not have the opportunity to charge at home, I would not have electric car yet and I am an absolute advocate of electromobility!
    There are many who are still waiting for a charging option in your area before buying an electric car!
    This problem is ignored too little!


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