Record number newly opened hydrogen petrol stations in 2021

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Record number newly opened hydrogen petrol stations in 2021-opened

In 2021, 142 hydrogen petrol stations worldwide has gone into operation, once more as many as never before. Reopened 37 petrol stations in Europe, 89 in Asia and 13 in North America. This is the result of the 14. Annual evaluation of H2Stations.Org, a website of Ludwig-BOlkow-Systemtechnik (LBST). Meanwhile, there are a gas station infrastructure for hydrogen in 33 countries.

At the end of 2021, a total of 685 hydrogen petrol stations were in operation worldwide. For 252 more gas station locations already exist concrete planning. Remarkable are the developments in Spain and New Zealand, where there were many new concrete location planning for the first time. Newly added are Hungary and Slovenia, where a hydrogen petrol station was operating in operation. This can now be refueling hydrogen already in 33 countries.

Europe had 228 petrol stations at the end of the year, including 101 in Germany. France, with 41 petrol stations, continued second in Europe, followed by Great Britain with 19, Switzerland with twelve and the Netherlands with eleven petrol stations.

Record number newly opened hydrogen petrol stations in 2021-petrolTerm

In Asia, a total of 363 petrol stations were in operation at the end of 2021: 159 in Japan and 95 in Korea. The 105 captured Chinese petrol stations serve almost exclusively for refueling buses or trucks. Korea has recorded most commissioning in 2021 with 36 new petrol stations and builds its infrastructure for all fuel cell vehicles.

Of the 86 petrol stations in North America, it is also the largest part with 60 in California. In 2021, eleven new gas stations went there in operation.

Interactive location cards and individual evaluations

The website H2Stations.Org offers a comprehensive overview of all hydrogen petrol stations worldwide, both in operation, planned and dismissed, and also provides interactive maps. Data on the development of hydrogen infrastructure and matching statistics complete the information offer.

The underlying database has been maintained since 2005 and continuously updated. It contains detailed information about almost 1500 gas stations worldwide. “Despite the rising care effort, we provide the basic data on is still available for private use for free, “says LBS managing director DR. Uwe Albrecht. “For professional use, we license the data including further detailed information on technologies and markets and create regular reports on new developments as well as individual evaluations for our customers.”

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7 thoughts on “Record number newly opened hydrogen petrol stations in 2021”

  1. For as long as the entire production chain for hydrogen 60% of the energy used is lost and not arriving on the tire, an existing nonsense (burner) with new nonsense (H2 eV) is replaced here. And the electricity from a photovoltaic on my roof can not be transformed into hydrogen to use it in a H2 car. As a car owner one exchanges the dependence of the minar oil cores against the dependence of H2 / gas producers.

  2. If not a miracle happens, the numbers of petrol stations and the hydrogen vehicles will remain insignificant and … that’s good. Germany will not offer any significant surcharge energy for zero tariff for the foreseeable future.

    (In the pair hours, when an orcan low over Germany fails at night and / or on the weekend, no business useful electrolysis can be operated)

    The mass import green hydrogen, as Altmaier once dreamed, is certainly technically possible. Only the hydrogen shapes of the future are certainly profitized and trade. The “green steel” is already expensive enough and the tax michel may help to secure the competitiveness of industry vigorously ..

  3. The energy densities of the batteries increase and increase. Hydrogen as an argument is always absurd. What should this topic be? If someone wants to use hydrogen with high losses as energy storage then you can consider that. But to move cars. The balance is badly bad that I do not understand why there is a lobby at all.

  4. Europe had 228 gas stations at the end of the year, of which 101 in Germany.

    That means on average 1 H2 petrol station for 3 districts resp. For 4 land / city circuits.

    More about writing would be time-consuming.

  5. @ Jakob Sperling:

    “The suppliers of photovoltaic modules also also have profitized.

    And yet PV systems are a good thing, not?”

    Yes clear because they v.a. on a Proven, extremely scalable, solid, very durable, error forgiving, maintenance arms, TBC. Technology with high self-working potential and very reasonable entry-level prices and thus set a broad “democratization” of power generation (-> energy in civil serv!) .. in full contrast to a hydrogen economy, Which we need to decarbonize, but very much (also spatial!) Remain in the industry area!

  6. Great! Then I need only 150km with a H2 car to the next tank.There I then tank an energy source, which was made with insane energy losses to insane prices on a dispenser, the min. The tenfold requires a charging column to investment costs. Arriving at home, at an assumed range of 600 km, I have a 20km radius of action before I have to do my way back to the H2 tank. Meanwhile, the neighbor shakes with his BEV, which he invites with the stream of his photovoltaic system at home, only understandingly with his head …


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