Redistribution: Above all, rich benefit from the electric car

Study of Deutsche Bank

Redistribution from arm to green: The electric car primarily benefit rich

Redistribution: Above all, rich benefit from the electric car-rich
Cattle man Electric cars are on the farm of a car dealership.

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The electric car becomes a seller. However, a study by Deutsche Bank shows that wealthy people particularly benefit from the subsidies. And with 1000 euros per ton, the CO2 avoidance costs are much higher than in emissions trading.

The German federal government celebrates the success of the electric car. The proportion of the new car market is almost a quarter – if you include the hybrid vehicles. But the boom is essentially based on two effects:

  • On the EU regulation, in which the CO2 balance of electric cars for fleet compensation is artificially counted down (by ignoring the emissions of electricity production)-the manufacturers must therefore use electric cars in the EU and market them accordingly.
  • The massive subsidies for the purchase of new electric cars and the many tax benefits for these vehicles.

Climate effect bought from e-cars expensive

The alleged climate effect of emobility is controversial among scientists . But from an economic point of view, the electrical strategy must also be assessed critically. This is shown by an analysis in the Deutsche Bank Germany monitor, the site is available. "The CO2 avoidance costs can exceed the threshold of 1000 euros per ton; In emissions trading, they are only over 50 euros per ton. The current regulatory support regime does not meet the criteria of economic efficiency and ecological effectiveness", So the authors of the study. In other words, its climate targets could also achieve Germany differently – and above all cheaper -.

Electrical drivers Costs of tremendous tax sums

"In addition to the direct purchase bonuses that the state grants for electric cars, further fiscal effects are added during use. They result from lower tax revenue (energy or. Mineral oil tax versions of electricity tax, vehicle tax, CO2 tax on petrol and diesel, VAT)). If electric cars are used as company cars, the tax revenue decrease even more", it says in the Deutsche Bank Research study.

Redistribution: Above all, rich benefit from the electric car-electric
Deutsche Bank Research There are more and more electric cars in Germany – the subsidy policy of the federal government is increasing its share in the new registrations

Over the entire service life, fiscal effects of more than 20 would come.000 euros together when driving electrically in the upper middle class instead of burners. A VW Golf Life with combustion engine and an electrical VW ID serve as a comparison basis.3 pure. The differences – and thus the tax failures for the general public that cause electric cars – are enormous:

  • "Over the period of twelve years, energy taxes would be incurred for the fuel consumption of the Golf of 6,500 euros. For the ID.3 The amount of electricity tax is only 550 euros", the economists.
  • Further losses result from the bypassed vehicle tax and the VAT – the effect results from the higher price of gasoline compared to the electricity price.

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Redistribution: Above all, rich benefit from the electric car-redistribution

Site Mazda MX-30: The most important ingredient of the Japanese electricity is still missing

Priorities: electric car before education?

"This creates a difference of around 9500 euros in the tax revenue through energy or. Electricity tax, CO2 prize, VAT on fuel and vehicle tax. If the environmental bonus is included, the fiscal effect adds up to 15.500 euros for the entire term and thus to 1300 euros per year", The analysts balance.

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The difference in the middle class becomes even clearer. Here a diesel SUV Audi SQ5 was compared with an Audi e-tron 50-both are roughly in the same price league.The negative tax effect for the general public is increasing when the electric car is used as a company car. "In total, the fiscal effect of using a battery -electrical car instead of a combustion in the first three years can be available to 2300 euros for a mid -range car or. 3700 euros for a (upscale) mid-range car per year when the electric car is used as a company car. The company car effect in the first three years of use thus makes about 44% or. 50% of the total fiscal effect", So the analysis by Deutsche Bank Research. The experts chose the calculation for three years because this is the usual leasing period for a company car.

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Redistribution: Above all, rich benefit from the electric car-benefit

Site Oko-Jeep shows hybrid crystalism-he can still be off-road

The economic costs of the electric car are therefore tremendous. For comparison: "Public budgets per student’s expenses in Germany in 2019 were EUR 8200 in 2019", So the analysts. The authors point out that this is about educational costs per year – but the comparison is a clear example of the priority setting.

VW Golf against ID.3

Comparative calculations on the subject of electric cars are always controversial because the results depend on which database you use. According to their own information, the analysts have an average useful life of the vehicles of twelve years, an annual mileage of 15.000 kilometers and – both for the combustion engine and the Stromer – calculated with the official consumption information in order to manufacture comparability. Also included was the gradual CO2 tax in the coming years (currently 25 euros per ton, from 2025 and from 2030 80 euros per ton). This tax, which is charged to fuel in addition to eco -tax and VAT, will increase the cost of gasoline, diesel and heating oil for consumers sharply in the future. It can be assumed that every upcoming federal government will also tap this tax source more.

Redistribution: Above all, rich benefit from the electric car-benefit
Auto Motor & Sport As "clean" Are e-cars? That depends on the electricity

It is controversial whether you should use official consumption values for balance calculations. After all: In fact, experiences from practice show that the new emissions standard Euro 6d has become the consumption of reality. This affects all drive types from petrol engines to the electric car, although the vehicle genus of the partial-electric plug-in hybrids stands out negatively. Depending on the usage profile, the deviation from the official consumption is so great that it breaks any framework. However, the EU could put a stop in a few years if the discrepancy between standard and real consumption is available in black and white as part of the fuel monitoring on all new cars .

How high is the CO2 effect?

When calculating the effect that e-mobility has to reduce the officially calculated CO2 emissions, the authors of the study indicate that the calculation of emissions with average values instead of "Marginal current values" The problem is – Read more about this discussion here . Because that uses the average values to be the balance of the Stromer. Nevertheless, the analysts chose this calculation method, also because it is assumed in favor of e-mobility that the proportion of the "Greens" In the future, electricity will be increased in any case. The experts also notice: "Within the EU it is irrelevant for CO2 emissions, where the electricity comes from especially for charging the electric cars, since the emissions of the electricity sector are part of the EU emission trade (EU ETS) and there is therefore a binding upper limit for emissions. With electromobility, emissions from the traffic sector (without upper limit) are moved to the electricity sector (with upper limit)." This also applies to the electricity consumption of Deutsche Bahn, which – officially at least – does not incorporate into the traffic balance sheet.

Elektro-Mustang is said to smell after petrol: Ford develops perfume for the electric car

Redistribution: Above all, rich benefit from the electric car-electric

Site Elektro-Mustang is said to smell after petrol: Ford develops perfume for the electric car

Based on the calculation variant cheaper for e-mobility, the analysts expect 15 tons (compact class) or. 27 tons (upscale middle class) on CO2, which could be avoided with an electric car during the period of use. In relation to the fiscal effect, there are 800 to 1000 euros "Avoidance costs" per ton. The transfomation costs of industry towards e-mobility have not yet been taken into account. By integrating traffic into the certificate trade, the CO2 avoidance is much cheaper, the experts believe: "Purely calculated, 16 to 20 tons of CO2 within the EU."

Social imbalance of e-mobility

Another aspect that has so far found little afterwards in public discussion is the social imbalance that brings the billion-dollar promotion of e-mobility. Because wealthy Germans in particular benefit from electrical funding, current KfW data show. The study by Deutsche Bank also illuminates this aspect: "In general, people with a higher income currently take advantage of state funding measures than people with a lower income. Often electric cars are in a household and/or they are used as a company car. In contrast, all taxpayers finance the funding measures and the expansion of the charging infrastructure in accordance with their respective performance. These costs are likely to have low earners with their own car – measured by their incomes – disproportionately, because they generally have the proportion of fuel costs in the total available income than in the case of households with a high income. Mostly there is no way for low earners to use a company car."

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Redistribution: Above all, rich benefit from the electric car-rich

Site Manta, Beetle, Bulli & Co: These cult bodies (soon) are available as Stromer

As a conclusion of the Deutsche Bank Research Study, it can be drawn: The electric car subsidies primarily benefit high earners, but must be paid for by low and average earners.The analysts indicate that the costs for electric cars and petrol engines slowly approached. However, this is not yet the case without the purchase premiums in the volume segment. "In addition, households with lower income often buy used cars where the market for electric cars is still small and the environmental bonus is no longer granted if it has already been used for the vehicle in question", it says in the analysis. Incidentally, electric car drivers in France can therefore also collect government premiums if they buy used e-vehicles.

Redistribution: Above all, rich benefit from the electric car-rich
Eafo, World Bank, Statista Country Outlook EU countries that have a lower proportion of pure electric cars than the EU average (0.5%). The graphics show the proportion of e-cars (absolutely / in percent, as of 2020), the number of charging stations and the available average income (as of 2019)

How long do electric cars drive to taxpayer costs?

As a positive effect of electrical funding, the study notes that technological progress in e-mobility is accelerated. "The energy consumption and the specific CO2 emissions in battery and vehicle production should decrease, although the need for raw materials for electric cars are initially left a large CO2 footprint. It is also advantageous that the proportion of renewable energies on the electricity mix will continue to increase. In total, the climate balance of electromobility will become verbes in the coming years; The CO2 avoidance costs per ton will decrease. On the other hand, electromobility in terms of climate protection is not a panacea", So the conclusion. In addition to e-mobility, CO2-poor synthetic fuels should also be pushed. These would be needed anyway, since not all applications in the award were converted to electricity operations.

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Redistribution: Above all, rich benefit from the electric car-redistribution

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  1. Terrifying how the e-lobby with sham arguments
    a nice healing car world world pretended. Sure we have to go away from oil, but not … in a lithium dependency. Lithium is available in just a few places to dismantle and very reactive (dangerous). The batteries have a relatively high mass, which is hardly manageable in the event of an accident. The electrodes are (millionths) apart, a mistake, caused by mechanical or other stress, triggers a fatal chain reaction. Everyone now knows the consequences. Battery cars are not without alternative, there are alternatives. It is important to promote this not to torpedo. The battery lobby does not want to be taken away from the funding, torpedo any alternative through political and media influence.

  2. Mr. KOpnick, they had depicted themselves,
    You just like to look in the contributions assigned to them. You make a very bossy impression, even if you are presented with undisputed facts. We have to get away from the oil, but not driven into a lobby "alternativeless" New dependency, with dangerous side effects. Battery cars harm the environment more than they can ever use, you look at the whole scenario.

  3. As I said, row back and keep it right
    Always the same pattern. I am not looking for my knowledge in an internet Echo chamber. Above all, I am not looking for a desired result. Of course you can find that there. Where your imagination numbers come from, you still have not given a price. You just think of something and spread it with large roar. As often as possible so that it "come true". Typical lobbying, non -substance nonsense.

  4. Whoever has money is free !
    At Tesla I was offered a car for € 500,000 and included. Referring contract after half a year for € 44,000. The taxpayer pays the difference via the e-car funding. So I could always drive a new car for free !

  5. I also bought an electric car
    But actually only to the state around 6.000 euros plus wallbox funding easier. When do you have the opportunity to do so. I do it to fill up with my own solar power (also state-funded) and I still drive my thick diesel SUV. After all, I’m not a green or eco-freak.

  6. @B.S.
    But you already know what a "Internet troll" is? Simply put the opener there, then you will probably not be very wrong.

  7. Full hybrid?
    In the article is a mistake. Where in the illustration of the drive types "Full hybrid" stands, must "Full and mild hybrid" stand. The KBA statistics FZ10 contains no breakdown that distinguishes full and mild hybrids from each other. It is easy with diesel: there is no full hybrid. In the case of petrol engines, however, the numbers per vehicle model would have to be checked through and check which models are mild hybrids and which full hybrid. Literally, the statistics speak of "non -external rechargeable hybrid". Currently, 5.8% of all new vehicles are diesel-mild hybrids.

  8. Rather black counters
    The grants or tax reliefs come from a government that has been a clientele for high -quality power for 16 years. And that is under Union leadership. You should correctly present realities

  9. The CDU has been since Merkel
    But rather green like black. Merkel himself is green. Originally she didn’t want to enter the CDU. But she knew if someone could shower up then cabbage. It was pure calculation. Merkel planned from ANFNAG "First to the CDU, then the cabbage brings me to the power and then I do what I want anyway". Who speaks of the CDU speaks of the Greens.

  10. The problem is consumption
    Regardless of this debate is a central set of consumption. Every 2 years a new cell phone, a new television every 4 years, a new car every few years. And everyone works. The economy has to hum. When the Eauto flops the night innovation is encouraged… Always further to secure and further expand prosperity. I make my contribution by my Golf 7 1.6 TDI at least 8 years of driving. My cell phone use as long as it works and sometimes let the battery exchange. In my opinion, for many years, until the purchase of a new eauto I justified good Golf in terms of climate balance, in my opinion. Then I prefer to see that I drive less and adapted….Repairing instead of buying new saves money and protects the environment.

  11. Watched too black
    It’s also the question of how to "Rich" Are defined. I am certainly most of the users of e-cars are not rich in the sense of how to imagine this in industrialized countries. You are kingdom if you no longer have to work and still afford everything. The fact that new technologies can first afford the better ones is normal and not reprehensible. In this way, a lot comes from top to bottom to the use of the masses. That was always the case and will not be different with e-cars. The story is full of examples of how telephone, television or even a toilet in the house. Everything was initially that "Are sufficient" Reserved. So, no reason to show envy, everything fits.

  12. Agree, Mr. Lange
    Although there is already a difference between wealthy and rich. I also believe how to take everything into account in the environmental balance, both with an electric car and combustion engineers. Is not made correctly at E, but not really with V either. Or the procurement of the oil is taken into account?

  13. nonsense
    And once again it becomes "Justice bell" Rowled by "Tax gifts" Is the talk.Apparently it is generally assumed in this country that everything was generated first belongs to the state or the community and that the authority then gets something from it according to the kind of landlord.Without the premiums and incentives, e-technology would not exist.And the state is now concerned with ecology or in truth only about the health insurers under an excuse ?

  14. When KOpnick runs out the arguments
    If he becomes rude, personally attacks. As always. Without subsidies, tax exemption and funding, there would not even be this forum, since the battery cars for nobody, except for the e-lobby, are a gain. These vehicles are also available, not alternatively. So also burden the environment. They are not in the market anyway. This is the core problem.

  15. Petrol and diesel more expensive than electricity?
    The article says: "Further losses result from the bypassed vehicle tax and the VAT – the effect results from the higher price of gasoline compared to the electricity price." What does this comparison refer to? If I buy a liter of petrol, I get 8.5 kWh of energy for currently approx. 1.70 €. When I electricity, I pay € 2.55 for the same amount of energy. What is more expensive now? Here I actually want factually correct reporting.

  16. @Schranz The e-drive has a 100% efficiency
    This was shown several times by e-disciples. Then the battery would be superfluous. The charging – discharge losses, losses of power electronics, the active cooling of the battery and the drive train itself are considerable. The cooling of the charging electronics alone – and the cable devour 3KW. Source: Phoenix data sheet.The balance sheet can be done with the emissions of losses


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