REE shows autonomous electric vehicle for delivery services

REE shows autonomous electric vehicle for delivery services-vehicle

REE AUTOMOTIVE LTD., from Israel, a company in the field of e-mobility, has presented its autonomous electrical concept vehicle at the beginning of the week, which is based on an ultra-modular EV platform. The E-vehicle is aimed at customers such as autonomous and electrical delivery services for the last mile, supplier of delivery fleets, e-retailers and technology companies that want to develop autonomous solutions.

According to its own statement, it will be possible to build the customer’s autonomous electrical vehicle fleet according to their exact specifications. Whereby the platform is ensured that in the interior as much space available for the transport of passengers and freight. The technology of REE can be seamlessly integrated into any top-owned and autonomous hardware. The design and specifications of Leopard – the name of the concept vehicle – are the result of cooperation with worldwide leading delivery and technology companies that focus on autonomous delivery and mobility AS-A service (Maas) fleets.

“This concept demonstrates just one application of our breakthrough technology that provides an answer to the strategically important question of how to make autonomous, zero-emission, last-mile deliveries that have tremendous growth potential. Autonomous and electric vehicles, powered by ree ‘offer unsurpassed operating efficiency and the lowest total cost of ownership, combined with full flexibility when it comes to integrating top hats in virtually any size, shape or shape. We are here to make the transition to a carbon neutral future faster and on a large scale reality.”- Daniel Barel, co-founder and CEO of Reee

How REE show can bring the electro concept to a length of 3.4 meters, has front wheel steering and rear wheel drive. The permissible total weight is indicated with 2 tonnes, which allows passengers and cargo to be transported to a larger scale.

REE shows autonomous electric vehicle for delivery services-vehicleRee Automotive

Building on the already presented x-by-wire Recorner technology for controlling drive, steering and brake, the stromer comes with a narrow design of 1.4 meter width and a footprint of 2.5m² therefore. This is ensured for improved maneuverability. The capacity of the battery is given with 50 kWh, the maximum speed with 97 km / h.

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