Refuel in Poland: 1.22 euros per liter

More and more expensive in Germany

Poland lowers fuel tax: Fueling cheap for 1.22 euros per liter

Refuel in Poland: 1.22 euros per liter-euros
Carsten Koall/dpa/symbol image A driver refueled a car with the fuel diesel.

While Germany makes petrol and diesel more and more expensive through new taxes, the Polish government is reacting differently: the tax is reduced. This should lead to completely new dimensions of fuel tourism.

Due to the planned reduction in fuel tax in Poland on 1. February will attract fuel tourism to the neighboring country again. The Association of the Garage and Petrol Office Industry North-East is based on this. The difference in the fuel prices is already serious, said the association chairman Hans-Joachim Ruhlemann of the German Press Agency.

Petrol price: 1.74 euros in Germany, 1.22 in Poland

For example, the gasoline price for E10 per liter is currently around 1.74 euros, but in Poland at the equivalent of 1.22 euros. If Poland reduces the tax on diesel and petrol, make it up for about ten cents again. "Anyone who can have a pleasure and mood will go to Poland," he estimated. The association looks after around 300 petrol stations in Berlin and in the East German federal states.

The Polish government has announced that the tax on diesel and gasoline from 1. February to temporarily lower from 23 to 8 percent. This could make the liter of 15 centers cheaper. With the measure, people in Poland should be relieved of the consequences of inflation.

Haberland’s rearview mirror: This was how crass was in 2021 for drivers

Refuel in Poland: 1.22 euros per liter-poland

Site/Wochit Haberland’s rearview mirror: This was how crass was in 2021 for drivers

The federal police in Saxony also assume that – when prices are falling – the population will go to Poland in border areas. According to spokesman Marcel Pretzsch, she wants to keep an eye on the tank tourism. So far, however, this has not led to traffic jams at the border, he estimated.

Fueling tourism in new dimensions

According to the Federal Police Inspection Pasewalk in Western Pomerania, the officials have recently not found a significant increase in border traffic or even traffic problems due to lower fuel prices in Poland. This is probably also due to the fact that there is currently no vacation season, a spokesman said. The inspection is responsible for the former border crossings in Ahlbeck on the island of Usedom, in the left and pomeelle. Locals have been commuting across the border for a long time. For example, Szczecin is a shopping magnet.

Also mandatory in Germany: you already know the tank symbols?

Refuel in Poland: 1.22 euros per liter-refuel

Site Also mandatory in Germany: you already know the tank symbols?

For the petrol stations on the German side, increasing tank tourism has an impact. From Berlin, too, more and more drivers would drive to Poland to refuel. "And the closer the petrol stations on the Polish border are, the greater the loss of sales," said Ruhlemann, who himself runs a petrol station. Petrol stations also benefited from the ancillary business such as coffee or snack bar and the newspaper sale. However, if tankers failed to fail, these income also fell away. Sometimes opening times were shortened in the evening to save personnel costs.

German fuel is increasingly expensive

The main reason for the high fuel trip in Germany is the record -breaking share of taxes. The consumption of fossil energy should be reduced massively. The state is extremely greedy in Germany, especially in Germany: without taxes we would pay less than half for fuels . Petrol and diesel drivers should also finance the high costs of emobility. A new CO2 tax was created as an additional instrument; For drivers, the third CO2-based tax according to eco-tax and vehicle tax-whose amount is determined as desired.

Shopping, Hartz IV, Tax: You should know these changes for 2022

Refuel in Poland: 1.22 euros per liter-poland

Site Shopping, Hartz IV, Tax: You should know these changes for 2022

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15 thoughts on “Refuel in Poland: 1.22 euros per liter”

  1. 1.22 €
    The reduced income in Poland in 2020 was about 1/3 of income in Germany. Consequently … on this basis the fuel price in Germany would be around € 3.66 / liter. So I don’t see where the problem is. Don’t want to exchange with the Poles. Kind regards

  2. Understand when
    The commentators in the forum actually that everyone has to pay the gasoline price, not just those who have chosen red and green and maybe even more. Always get this saying as chosen or not surprisingly in what was chosen. Several millions have not chosen that. And yet you have to pay for it and it will be more expensive. It is clear that our great government will not change anything. Who likes to turn the money out of all other European countries that may still do a little for their own people. But in Germany there will never be a wave of protests or a general strike for this. We just keep our mouth and rain and in forums that no politician reads. Just like me here…

  3. Now don’t whine!
    Red-green announced exactly that! That was known long before the Bundestag election and the voters knew what to expect! Since 40 percent of the Greens and SPD eligible voters have elected, one can only reply: "How ordered as well"! But that gets even worse if the additional cost statements for tenants will show how the gas prices have increased. Quite a few will have to ask for dismissal or loans!

  4. Exactly
    Just stupid that many of these 40% live in cities and maintain content from the public sector. You don’t have to commute or work in the field. The red-green climate policy appears flat-unocial as long as there are no climate-friendly alternatives for many affected people, to which one could "motivate" them. So the whole thing is currently only an anti -social tax increase without a climate effect.

  5. How high
    the energy prices still have to rise until the current government intervenes? Probably for a long time, because with the ecos in the responsible ministries. And the perverse the higher the prices, the more the VAT strikes. If you have to pull over a third of your salary for the energy sector, that’s no longer funny. The Greens and the FFF want to raise the CO2 price to 200 euros per ton…… But as chosen so ruled…..

  6. @Paul
    This is exactly what makes a lot of green voters: prescribe to others, while even in highly subsidized cities you can easily reach everything by bike and only recognize your own life concept as noble-wound. Missing empathy for other life and career paths, without whom a city or pensioner would not cope with. Unfortunately, green does not provide better alternatives for many affected people.

  7. The Poland
    And the rest of the world has no problems with conservative parties, only Germany needs colorful parties and gender problems. The voter chose expensive energy and an expensive life and something good must be

  8. After all, we have to
    also compensate for the 98% CO2 emissions that we do not cause. After all, we are responsible for everything that concerns the world. That cannot be expensive enough, the main thing is that the citizen knows what he works for. We like to do without everything else. Especially on our freedom and independence. Just nobody noticed.

  9. Poland
    If the boundaries grant asylum seekers, none accepts, even reduces the already cheap fuel… Meaningful politics and good for Poland and Europe ! Thanks Poland !

  10. Be happy
    our friends and acquaintances in Frankfurt in the east.And they have always been smart while organizing.They definitely have no fuel problems this year.Ride per trip?Well then on the tires…

  11. Our government
    must finally act! It may not be that working people who rely on the car have to cancel their job because they can no longer pay the high fuel prices. Fortunately, I can do home office, otherwise I would have to give up my job. We finally have to be relieved! The energy prices must be reduced immediately and the air tax must be abolished.

  12. Simple solution to the problem
    Simply no longer choose parties that do not take any tax reductions and economical handling of tax money into account.

  13. Ah yes…
    …Then I can stay at home at the next election…Because there is no such party!….And now please do not refer to the AfD that they are even a horny of money in the past.


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