Renault: 2 new partnerships for battery production in France

Renault: 2 new partnerships for battery production in France-renault

The car manufacturer Renault has announced two important partnerships for the development and production of electric car batteries in his home market France. On the one hand, a strategic cooperation with Envision AESC with the aim of building a battery gigafactory in French Douai (near Renault Electricity). The second measure is the signing of a letter of intent with the French start-up Verkor with the aim of developing and manufacturing high performance batteries.

Due to the close connection of both partnerships with the Renault Produktionsverbund Renault Electricity, nearly 4500 direct jobs in France are created by 2030. At the same time, a robust ecosystem for battery production in the heart of Europe should be set up.

“Our battery strategy builds on the ten-year experience and investment of the Renault Group in the value chain of electromobility. Strategic partnerships with Envision AESC and Verkor significantly strengthen our position by ensuring production of one million electric cars in Europe by 2030.”- Luca de Meo, CEO of the Renault Group

Both partnerships are important milestones of the “Renaulution” -roadmap and the associated Battery strategy of the company. Envision AESC, longtime partner of Nissan, is considered a global player in the field of world-leading battery technologies and intelligent, digitized, low-carbon battery factories. The Grenoble-based start-up Verkor specializes in the development of electric car battery cells.

Both new cooperations complement existing battery programs within the Renault Group, in particular cooperation with LG Chem, which currently provides battery modules for Renault and for the coming Megane. In parallel, there are ongoing discussions with ACC, possibly from 2027 to join the ecosystem. Research within the Alliance should continue to continue using a solid state battery technology from 2030 with the ASSB project (All Solid State Battery Technology).

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  1. As much as I remember the pioneering role of Renault in terms of e mobility, just as despite despite despite consideration, I find the stream adhering to the risk technology atomic force in France. For this reason, the products of Renault unfortunately are unfortunately open to me. As long as the nuclear waste is stacked, the reactors are risig on good luck, and too little in the expansion of renewable flows for me a “Nogo”. Sorry Renault, you could be different if you wanted.


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