Renault and Paris launch urban mobility service with e-cars

Renault and Paris launch urban mobility service with e-cars-launch

In mid-June, it became known that four French production sites of Renault will be strengthened by an investment in the amount of a billion euros of the Renault Group. These are intended to increase electric vehicles in the future and produce the required platforms, components and drive strands. Now Renault in France goes a step further and starts a new mobility service with electric vehicles in the French capital Paris in September. As part of a multi-level concept, the company then wants to offer available car-sharing vehicles around the clock and rental vehicles for longer travel.
In a good one and a half years, users should be around 2 in the metropolis.000 renault electric vehicles can access. With this cooperation Renault is committed to one of the own roots. On the other hand, the e-mobility continues to strengthen and contributes significantly to the environmental impact of the traffic volume as well as to make the passenger transport in urban space affordable, attractive and user-friendly.

Planned are short, medium and long-term measures. These depend on the further development and availability of purely electrical, networked and autonomous vehicles. The first stage includes the following measures:

  • Via the Mobility Service Marcel, users in the Greater Paris can order or reserve a vehicle with chauffeur around the clock
  • A car-sharing offer with electric vehicles available around the clock throughout the city area
  • A vehicle pool of electric cars, which can also be booked around the clock on fixed rental stations for longer trips.

It goes to Renault and Paris will be a total of 2.000 Renault electric vehicles are available until the end of 2019 for the new mobility service. The model offer includes the compact limousine Zoe, the Cityflitzer Twizy for two persons as well as the transporters Kangoo Z.E. and MASTER Z.E. In the next step, Renault and the city of Paris want to launch a working group in order to create the basics for new, sustainable mobility solutions in urban space together with other cities and companies.

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