Renault continued leaders: 96.000 sold e-cars at the end of November

Renault continued leaders: 96.000 sold e-cars at the end of November-renault

With an increase of 80 percent compared to the previous year, the French car manufacturer Renault, with almost 96.000 Approvals, one thing in the European electrical automotive. The company helps the company’s purely electrical models Zoe, Kangoo Z.E. and Twingo Electric. Especially the zoe with around 25.000 Approvals at the end of November (only in Germany) strengthens the positioning on the market.

Compared to the previous year, the ZOE approvals on the German market increased by 190 percent. This was the popular streamer in the private customer sector ranked five of the most popular car models. Looking at the sales figures of the Zoe in Europe, it shows that this is also at the very beginning. Also successful on the road is the electric Kangoo z.E. The compact delivery truck records in Europe at the end of November 2020 8.500 approvals. This corresponds to almost one of three electrical commercial vehicles sold. Since its market start in 2010, a total of 57.600 Kangoo Z.E. sold. This is the Kangoo Z.E. the still-selling electrical commercial vehicle in Europe.

“Despite the Covid-19 crisis, the sale of electric vehicles in Europe remains very dynamic with growth rates of 70 to 80 percent in the most important European markets. The sales of electric vehicles today make up about 5 percent of the overall market. The two main markets are France this year with 33.000 units and Germany, where more than 25.000 Zoe were sold. The convincing total package makes the Zoe in the first eleven months to the best-selling electric car in Europe.”- Gilles Normand, Senior Vice President Electric Vehicles & Mobility Services Groupe Renault

But you should not ignore the Renault Twingo Electric. This brought it to 1 by the end of November.760 approvals. Furthermore, the TWIZY and the transporter MASTER Z is also counting to the current electric Renault model range.E.

In the coming years, Renault will significantly expand its electrical palette. With the spectacular study Megane Evision, Renault in mid-October gave a concrete view of a new, electrical compact model, which is to set 2021 new standards in terms of drive, battery and charging technology. The Crossover model is the first vehicle of the brand based on the newly developed modular CMF-eV platform.

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2 thoughts on “Renault continued leaders: 96.000 sold e-cars at the end of November”

  1. Some info about the overall market.

    Driven by strict climates and high state subsidies, Europe develops the world’s largest market for electromobility. .. In the first nine months of the year has the EU together with Norway and Switzerland Overhaul the car market China. Show calculations of the Center Automotive Research by Ferdinand DudenhOffer.

    the Advantage of Europeans go on The enormous sales increases in the controversial plug-in hybrid vehicles back, … the manufacturers on the continent sold more than 350 on the continent until the end of September.000 pieces, as well around 418.000 pure electric cars.


    In China, the MUSK company becomes According to DudenhOffer’s estimation this year only round 140.Sell 000 cars.


    the Id.3 has in October In the Europe-wide sales ranking of Jato Dynamics with 10.475 new car the first place achieved. The previous number one, the Renault Zoe, is 700 pieces behind it. Teslas Model 3 does not even come to the top ten of the best-selling E cars in Europe.

    (Source: World.DE – Status: 04.12.2020)

    Renault offers small e-cars, that’s nice.


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