Renault doubles electric car sales and increases purchase bonus

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Renault doubles electric car sales and increases purchase bonus-renault

If one considers the first half of 2016, it can be stated that Renault could detect a doubling of previous sales in the sales figures of electric cars. But even with the “normal” cars, an increase of 13.3 percent was recorded. What a paragraph of 97.612 cars and light commercial vehicles. Due to this increase in sales, RENAULT’s market share rose to 5.24 percent, in the first half of 2015, this was 4.97 percent.

For the electric vehicles you could develop very successfully and came to 1.652 Allow from January to June 2016. Main responsibility is likely to be the Renault electric car flagship, the Renault Zoe. In addition to the compact car, the company still offers the city delivery car Kangoo Z.E. as well as the light vehicle TWIZY on the market of electric vehicles.

RENAULT builds the electric car purchase premium

The purchase bonus for E cars and hybrid vehicles, which retroactively for a purchase from the 18. May 2016, Renault is once again increased. So buy buyers of a Zoe or Kangoo Z.E. of 5 each.000 Euro discount when buying such a vehicle. Usually only 4.000 Euro premium loved, which is from 2.000 Euro from the Federal Office for Economics and Export Control (BAFA) and 2.Compose 000 euros from the manufacturer. Renault increases the required minimum participation again 1.000 EURO. Nice clay train, which will ensure that the sales figures will continue to rise.

No bonus of the BAFA for Renault Twizy – Renault praises its own premium

Since the Twizy of Renault is classified as quad and not as car, there is no electric car premium from the Federal Office for Economics and Export Control (BAFA). Renault still offers its own electrical bonus of 2.000 Euro for the smallest electric vehicle from your own house. So the Renault Twizy, including the 2 granted by Renault, is.000 Euro estate already from 4.950 euros available, the offer price is up to 31.08.2016 valid. It should be noted, however, that costs will be due from 30 € / month for the battery rental.

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