Renault: Eight e-cars up to 2022 at affordable price

Renault: Eight e-cars up to 2022 at affordable price-2022

Renault drives the electrification of its model range with reprint. As part of the RENAULT strategic plan “Drive the Future”, the manufacturer will expand its electrical fasteners worldwide to eight purely electrical and twelve electrified models by 2022. In 2018, sales worldwide rose to a total of 49.600 remote electric vehicles. This corresponds to growth of 36.6 percent compared to the previous year.

But that should not be concluded, how to understand Electrochef Eric Feuntun in the interview with the Autogazette. According to Feunne, the above-mentioned eight electric cars should come to the market at an affordable price. A main interpretation feature to other car manufacturers.

“Our e-cars must be affordable for the wide mass of customers. The learning curve, which we have already made in the production of electric vehicles, has the competition only. To produce an electric car is something else than a car with burner, “says Fouth. A fact that you see at current delivery / and manufacturing problems at Audi and Kia. With e-mobility experienced manufacturers are facing new challenges, which want to be mastered.

FEUENNEN is assuming that the CO2 limits will play an important role for the penetration of the e-mobility mass market, “because 2020/2021 will be a key year for the industry – until then, the CO2 limit of 95 g / km must be to be achieved “, according to the electric perfume of Renault. For Renault itself, the increased demand for alternative drives should lead to the manufacturer generated more than ten percent of its sales in Europe and China by electric cars.

On the Zoe, Feuntun said that no timeline is communicating on the market launch. For strategic reasons, it will probably give ZOE II with two battery levels. “It therefore makes sense because the GROS of ZOE customers does not drive every day more than 55 kilometers per day. But then there are also customers who are willing to pay more for a larger and therefore richer-increasing battery.”

By the way, if you choose the Zoe in the first generation, you can look forward to comparatively short delivery times, because you should “get in one to two months”. A little hope also makes the statement of FEUNTEN that one is currently before the decision, whether the Renault City K-ZE, which was developed specifically for the Chinese market, will only be available there or finds its way to Europe.

In addition, starting from Zoe, an electric car model above in the C segment and one below – for example in the size of a smart offer, so as to increase the presence in the A-, B and C segments. However, the automakers must also be realistic and can not simply change the entire range in a short time. In any case, the next models are already “in development and will be launched in the coming years.”

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  1. Who knows more about the Renault K-Ze ? From China too to us. Under 15000.- Euro, 280 km reach. Apparently not very fast but cheap with large 28 kWh battery.


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