Renault EZ-1: Small electric vehicle in the style of the Twizy

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First car from the new mobility brand Mobilize

Renault EZ-1: Small electric vehicle in the style of the Twizy-electric

At the Renaulution press conference yesterday, Thursday, Renault, in addition to the electric highlight Renault 5 the small electric vehicle EZ-1 was also presented. The concept of the small two-seater is strongly reminiscent of the Twizy, but looks a bit more angular and has side doors made entirely of glass from the start.

The EZ-1 will be the first car from Renault's new Mobilize sub-brand, which will deal with shared mobility, for both people and goods. Specifically, services such as car sharing, ride hailing, last mile delivery and on-demand transit are planned. In addition to the EZ-1 (which will probably also be pronounced as Easy one in this country), a small SUV (apparently the Dacia Spring), a sedan (probably the Jiangling Renault GSE from China) and a delivery vehicle are to be used:

All Mobilize vehicles should be robust and powered purely by electricity. Mobilize customers should be able to choose whether they want to rent the vehicles for a specific time, a specific route or on a pay-per-use basis. This is to be offered through the Renault dealer. There are 6,000 of them in Germany, so they form a very close-knit network. In the future, they should also offer flexible mobility "for a period of use from one minute to several years" in cities and municipalities.

Like the Twizy, the EZ-1 is only about 2.30 meters long and is still classified as a prototype. It is possible that he will inherit the Twizy, which has been on the market since 2012. The vehicle consists of 50 percent recycled materials and 95 percent of it can be recycled at the end of its service life. However, the service life is increased by the possibility of replacing the battery – this is not so easy with most other electric cars. The tiny communicates with a smartphone app, with the mobile phone then also acting as a key.

Alongside Renault, Dacia-Lada and Alpine, Mobilize is one of the four new business units of the Renault Group. In addition to the topics mentioned, the brand will also deal with software that enables better prediction of user demand and more effective vehicle allocation. Other fields of activity will be energy storage, charging solutions and the topic of recycling.

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Mobilize takes back the used battery of the EZ-1 and puts it to a second use (Second Life). The rest of the car will be recycled by the "Re-Factory" at the French location in Flins at the end of its life.

Picture gallery: Renault EZ-1 and Mobilize

Renault EZ-1: Small electric vehicle in the style of the Twizy-renault

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