Renault in China: Focus on light commercial vehicles and e-cars

Renault in China: Focus on light commercial vehicles and e-cars-commercial

In times like these, it is important to sharpen your own focus and focus on focus. Automobile manufacturers can only be difficult “who” for everything. This has also recognized Renault and set itself on a straightening for China. In the future one wants to serve the local market with light commercial vehicles and electric cars. This should serve in the long term to strengthen its own China presence and use the synergies with Alliance partners Nissan even better.

Business with light Renault commercial vehicles has been governed by the joint venture Renault Brilliance Jinbei Automotive (RBJAC) since 2017. The activities with Renault electric vehicles are responsible for the two joint ventures EGT New Energy Automotive (EGT) and Jiangxi Jiangling Group Electric Vehicle (JMEV). Francois Provost, Chairman of the region China The Groupe Renault, gives you to understand: “We hit a new chapter in China. We focus our activities on the main driver of clean mobility – electric cars and light commercial vehicles.”

Renault also provides that the Dongfeng Renault Automotive Company (DRAC) responsible for the RENAULT car with internal combustion engine will set your activities for Renault cars. Renault will transfer its DRAC shares to Dongfeng Motor Corporation. For the further development of Renault car you will be commented on a later date in the context of the future new middle-term plan. It is already clear that Renault and Dongfeng continue to work with Nissan for new generation engines. In addition, Renault and Dongfeng want to cooperate more in the field of vehicle networking.

The company has observed, among other things, that the market of light commercial vehicles developed very dynamically in China. In 2019, 3.3 million light commercial vehicles were sold there. Since 2017, Renault activities in this segment is responsible for the joint venture Renault Brilliance Jinbei Automotive (RBJAC). For the future, it is considered that the company with the know-how and the technologies of RENAULT modernize Jinbei models and expanded the offer by 2023 by a total of five core models.

To classify: While Renault with the ZOE so far was only in the B segment and with the Kangoo in the market for compact commercial vehicles, the manufacturer now looks at the A-segment, with the new Twingo Z.E, who should appear this year, as well as with the small E-SUV of Dacia. So Will Renault “also people with a small budget give a way to continue to get to the city center by car”. In China, where the French manufacturer with the new electrical City SUV K-ZE “immediately conquered a market share of five percent in the segment”, a good base is also available for future business.

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5 thoughts on “Renault in China: Focus on light commercial vehicles and e-cars”

  1. I interpret it that way:
    In the combustion area you have nothing, which would be for reasonable prices in China at reasonable prices. Neither quality nor image vote.
    With the Zoe you have no BEV that the Chinese have not known yet and that would therefore be for sale.
    That the e-twingo is a dead birth (reach in winter probably 80km) does not fall in China because when the Chinese economy is running again you are standing on their streets anyway than roles.
    When the e-twingo finally comes to the market, it is not far from 2 to 2 anyway. Production year of the e-upmigo. Then there are more than in 2020 because the SuperCredits become sparse.

    At some point, the German buyers are back so far that they notice that from F nothing comes except the steam of yesterday.

  2. Egon, so argues only one of the full inferiority complexes, and must see as the market leader indicates the future clock, as is always one step ahead, and the cars get to the street.

  3. The German buyers have long been ready to buy the better E technology. Also in the A class MB runs a motor of Renault. Build the E engine itself, no more from Conti. It is dangerous to boast export if you lose the e house market. With your limited technical knowledge, it is no wonder that you do not get the reasons for the successes from France.Technical stand is today CCS and 3 Phasig 22 kW. On all 4 wheels disc brakes, and at least on request rentakku. China is Z. Sometimes. Not the most important topic for the survival. One with your character is also not useful as a car salesman. The knowledge that you do not speak the competition bad.
    So chas better again a sow through the village about other topics, then you at least achieve people’s vacation.

  4. Egon, before, you still stay a inferior writer from the view of the readers here, as the Zoe in the eyes of the customers. What they buy, you have to leave them as a bad technician. Even if you do even more data comparisons, it counts only what is running on the street and can be measured as a test.


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