Renault introduces Electric Sedan Mobilize Limo for Ridehailing Service

Renault introduces Electric Sedan Mobilize Limo for Ridehailing Service-introduces

MOBILIZE is intended to develop new business areas from data, mobility and energy services as a division of Renault and generate more than 20 percent of Group sales by 2030. The first relevant development is the MOBILIZE LIMO the first car model for individual passenger transport by ridehailing and taxi services.

Renault introduces Electric Sedan Mobilize Limo for Ridehailing Service-sedanRenault

As the French car manufacturer is to be understood, the four-door, purely battery-powered sedan is offered in selected international markets to flexible rates as a complete mobility and service package commercial and private driving services. As part of the IAA 2021 in Munich, the stromer should be on 08. September celebrate its world premiere. Subsequently, a test fleet of 40 vehicles takes on operation.

“The first MOBILIZE model is the answer to our new brand on the fast-growing ridehailing market. The new offer combines the vehicle with flexible services and thus fulfills the new mobility needs of users. The sedan also demonstrates the unique know-how of the Renault Group in mobility services and the RCI Bank and Services in Financing.”- Clotilde delbos, CEO of MOBILIZE

The technical data is not much known yet. It is clear that the Mobilize Limo is a four-door, 4.67 meter long sedan with electron engagement, which is specifically directed to providers of so-called ridehailing services. The total package available exclusively in the subscription includes besides the vehicle also tailor-made services. The range of the Stromer gives the manufacturer with 450 km to WLTP cycle. The dynamic design as well as the unmistakable LED light signature underline the independent character of the Mobilize Limo as well as the extensive comfort and safety equipment.

Renault introduces Electric Sedan Mobilize Limo for Ridehailing Service-sedanRenault

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2 thoughts on “Renault introduces Electric Sedan Mobilize Limo for Ridehailing Service”

  1. Since I ask myself already, which offers a helical ledge in the commercial person transport traffic for advantages. Pure lens is the worst use with the limousine, because the passenger cell is bounded to the front and rear clearly. The limousine looks at least elegant.

  2. I see there some discrepancies in this concept. Ridehailing is mainly intended for the cities and the AGLO. Here the aerodynamics does not play a big role since only low speeds are driven here.

    As a result, you need smaller, practical vehicles such as. The classic London taxis. Simply smaller, however, the shape is ideal. The Renault, however, is a classic limousine, harder to board, needs too much space and has an unfavorable trunk.

    In addition, I do not give the concept of a big future. This belongs to the robotaxis. There is no driver more and that are much more flexible to control. This will cause a striking change in mobility behavior. To own its own car will become increasingly unattractive. It’s an exciting time!


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