Renault introduces new electric truck specifically for waste transport

Renault introduces new electric truck specifically for waste transport-introduces

With vehicles from 3.1 to 26 tonnes Renault Trucks offers one of the most comprehensive portfolios of electric trucks on the market. The manufacturer continues to expand the range of electric trucks and starts the marketing of the D Wide Z.E. Low Entry Cab in Europe. A fully electric vehicle with a new, lowered cab, which has specifically designed to facilitate waste transport and improve the safety of employees and road users.

The drive of the electric truck takes on two electric motors with a total output of 370 kW, for use as garbage collector Renault indicates an electric range of up to 120 kilometers, the payload is depending on the type of manufacturer, according to the manufacturer of up to eleven tons.

The Renault Trucks D Wide Z.E. Lec is equipped so that the entry into the vehicle is particularly effortless and safe: a lower entry level of 20 centimeters, a unique, non-slip level and the door up to 90 degrees. The effort for the teams of garbage collection, which must get more than a hundred times in a tour, will be reduced so much.

Renault introduces new electric truck specifically for waste transport-truckRenault

The low position of the cab also enables an excellent direct overview and concern for optimal protection of other road users, as the manufacturer communicates. For an even better view, Renault Trucks recommends the optionally incorporated, additional page window in the rear of the cabin. The spacious cab of the fully electric truck can accommodate next to the driver or the driver up to three more people. The optionally available level ground allows great freedom of movement in the interior of the vehicle and leaves the entry and exit both left and right.

The Renault Trucks D Wide Z developed in collaboration with the body manager Estep.E. Lec is offered in the 6 × 2 version with hind rear wheel axle and can be ordered throughout Europe. Since the truck is fully electric and drives CO2-freely, he may drive urban areas and environmental zones.

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2 thoughts on “Renault introduces new electric truck specifically for waste transport”

  1. Nice that now Renault comes with a full-crucifiable “garbage truck”!
    Since 2020, however, the Volvo Fe Electric is already used as refuse vehicle in the Hanseatic city. He is the second purely electrically powered truck from the Swedish car maker, which now becomes a Chinese group
    Geely belongs ..

    Wolfbrecht GOsebert-renault

    The refuse vehicle was developed together with FAUN and is designed for the transport of up to 27 t. The Volvo currently creates a range of approx. 200 kilometers with the 300 kWh big battery. That’s enough in HH for daily use in the city.

  2. Especially with municipal vehicles it is a shame that there was no high electrical quota. Because great ranges are not needed, but all the urgent local emission freedom.


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