Renault invests millions for e-auto production in Douai

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Renault invests millions for e-auto production in Douai-douai

CO2 neutrality, a sustainable ecosystem and at the same time the largest and competitive production facility for electric cars in Europe – this is the target for the electric industrial pole Electricity, which includes the three Renault works Douai, Maubewerege and Ruitz in Northern France. The basis is the strategic plan presented in early 2021 Renault, which clears the electromobility as the highest priority in focus. At the Douai plant, the preparations for serial production of the new Megane E-Tech Electric are already in full swing. Market start for the new, fully electric Megane is in the first half of 2022.

With Electricity, Renault is pursuing ambitious goals: affordable electric cars for a wide audience and an annual production of more than 400.000 E cars from 2025 are up to the top. In order to increase the largest production center for electromobility in Europe, Renault optimizes industrial processes, increases operating efficiency and creates a whole ecosystem that should contribute to lower fixed costs. According to its own statement, the new organization of Renault Group Electricity is all about the production quality and maximum competitiveness.

“In order to involve electric cars in our production, we have invested more than 550 million euros in the redesign of the Douai location. In addition, we have improved the ergonomics of jobs, “says Luciano Biondo, Director of Renault Group Electricity. The traditional location Douai stands for many milestones of the model history of the French. More than ten million vehicles were produced here until today, including Renault 5, Renault Fuego, Renault 19 and Scenic. With the introduction of the CMF-EV platform for electric cars, a new stage begins for the location. The first model on the new modular base comes 2022 the new Megane E-Tech Electric on the market.

In the course of the conversion of the production of combustion engines on electric drive was carried out a profound conversion of the production lines in Douai. More than 550 million euros invested the Renault Group in the manufacturing facilities and improved ergonomics at work. Stick was the conversion of a assembly line, on which now – to the highest quality standards of the Allianz Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi – can be produced numerous models from different vehicle classes.

This also includes the new Megane E-Tech Electric, which is made exclusively at the Douai plant. Characteristic of the all-round modernized production is the high degree of networking. Automated transporters bring thousands of pre-specified parts and assemblies at the right time to the right place on the mounting street. In the completely new battery assembly carefully trained employees prepare every energy storage before being integrated into the vehicle on a docking station. In body construction, new robots ensure a high degree of modularity and flexibility in production. Vehicles of all size should be able to go through the production line one after the other without interruption. Likewise, the painting road was fundamentally renewed.

Battery production in the call width

As part of the general transformation, many jobs have been redesigned to ensure the best ergonomics and quality of manufacturing processes. The vehicles are introduced to individual platforms to employees to minimize physical stress. The different height of the employees is also considered.

Central building block of electromobility is battery production and assembly. Thanks to a strategic partnership between the Renault Group and Envision AESC, a megaFactory is created at the Douai site, which works quasi-wide the batteries of future electric models. Advantages: a low CO2 footprint thanks to short transport routes, reduced fixed costs and flexible processes depending on customer demand.

After the profound change of production at the Douai site with the new Megane E-Tech Electric, the production of further electric cars will follow. In the North French production site, the Renault 5 Electric will continue to drive from the production ribbons in the future, just as its precursor in the 1970s and 1980s.

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  1. As far as I know, were or or. the corresponding investments in VW in Zwickau are over 1 billion. Euro.
    Of course, always the question of what you invoice with or not invaluated and therefore there is a lot of scope manufacturer.
    At first glance, the conversion at Renault seems to be related to the planned quantities, but to be cheaper than at VW (?)
    Probably the VW Group is dragging a larger backpack in many ways around a larger backpack with it. This partly also by worker representation page.

  2. Very good news.
    Especially since a French, European brand and its success, but much more interested, as about Chinese or American newcomers on the automotive market. hats off!


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