Renault Kangoo Rapid from 2022 fully electric travel

Renault Kangoo Rapid from 2022 fully electric travel-2022

With the purely electric Kangoo z.E. Concept gave us the French car manufacturer in 2019 a view of the next model generations of Kangoo, Kangoo Rapid and Kangoo Z.E. These are supposed to find their way to the street from 2020. Fully electric but only from 2022, as you have learned at today’s premiere. As Kangoo Rapid E-Tech Electric, the stromer is expected during the year 2022.

The Kangoo Rapid E-Tech Electric is equipped with a 75 kW electric motor. This refers its energy from a lithium-ion battery with 44 kWh capacity. The French manufacturer is to be understood that depending on the driving style, route profile and outside temperature, a range of around 265 km will be possible. To get the best possible range from the stromer, the driver can choose between six travel programs. Including an ECO mode for range optimization, which limits the power output of the electric motor to 55 kW.

If the charge of the battery nourishes the end, it allows the flexible charging system of the Kangoo Rapid E-Tech Electric to load the battery with a wide range of charging power and electricity. Most energy in no time can reach the fully electric Kangoo Rapid using a DC charging station up to 75 kW. The loading times are:

  • 0:42 h At a DC station (DC) with a charging power of 75 kW for charging to 80 percent of the capacity
  • 2:00 h at an AC station (AC) with 22 kW charging power on the complete loading capacity
  • 4:30 h on an alternating current station (AC) with 11 kW charging power on the complete loading capacity
  • 7:00 h on an AC station (AC) with 7.4 kW charging power on the complete loading capacity
  • 19:00 h on a reinforced green’up household socket on the complete loading capacity
  • 26:00 h On the household Schuko socket on the complete loading capacity.

In addition to the fully electric drive, the vehicle convinces with its optional “Open Sesame by Renault” technology. Thanks to this, the loading and unloading of Kangoo Rapid is so easy as never. How to understand Renault is a 1.45 meter wide side charging opening on the right car side.

This innovation will be possible through the integration of the B-pillar on the right car side into the sliding door and passenger door, so that access to the load area of unique size is created in the class of compact transporters. To mention is that Open Sesame by Renault is available exclusively for the Kangoo Rapid with the standard length (L1) of 4.49 meters, passenger single seat and swiveling Vario dividing wall.

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  1. Now the after deduction of promotion only can not more than 17.000 Euro costs and then the family coach is par excellent. Why only Renault has used so long??

  2. The Kangoo as a vehicle is generally a good thing, but with only 265 km reach this no family coach. There must be a factor two. The charging functions are excellent.


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