Renault Megane E-Tech Electric: Renault makes the Megane exciting

Renault Megane E-Tech Electric: Renault makes the Megane exciting-electric

How to put a car under electricity, you know at Renault Lange. But with Zoe and recently the Twingo were small cars. Now the French go the next step and make the compact class exciting with the Megane E-Tech Electric. The 4.21 meter long SUV today celebrates its world premiere today and is next to the Nissan Ariya as the first French model on the CMF-EV platform for all new battery cars of the Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi. Declared competitor is the VW ID.4.

Powered the new Megane on – with high shoulders, short overhangs at 2.70 meters wheelbase and up to 20 inches large wheels. The front door handles lie sunk, the backs are hiked in the upper corner of the frame. The cockpit is dominated by two screens – the flat over the steering wheel and the standing multi-media display in the middle merge to a mirrored “L” with – depending on the equipment – up to 774 square centimeters.

Renault Megane E-Tech Electric: Renault makes the Megane exciting-meganeWolfgang Plank

The complete technology with E-engine, electronics and drive have installed the French in the front area. Although this is at the expense of a trunk on the front axle, but it creates the greatest possible freedom. And because the battery in the ground with just eleven centimeters height 40 percent flatter builds than in the Zoe, remains a good room despite 1.50 meters.

Due to the elimination of the shift lever, there is also space between the front seats – including a seven liter scope. Overall, 30 liters should be in the interior 30 liters in various jam. Behind the box flap, the E-Tech Electric 440 liters packs away – 22 of which under the loading floor cover. Here is the charging cable place – unless you are fully loaded on the long journey.

Renault Megane E-Tech Electric: Renault makes the Megane exciting-excitingWolfgang Plank

The Megane E-Tech Electric basically comes with front drive – but in two versions with 130 and 218 hp (96 and 160 kW) as well as with two battery variants. The smaller with 40kWh is reserved exclusively to the 130-hp model and ensures a range of 300 kilometers (WLTP), which is 60 kWh battery for both versions and allowed at 130 hp a radius of 470 kilometers, at 218 PS are a maximum of 450. The nearly 400 kilos of LG lithium-ion battery from LG contains more nickel and less cobalt for better energy density – and there are eight years of guarantee for 70 percent of the capacity.

Renault Megane E-Tech Electric: Renault makes the Megane exciting-excitingWolfgang Plank

Also in the interior Renault uses sustainability. The upholstery is about 100 percent of recycling material – depending on the model, these are up to 2.2 kilos. And also the plastic under and behind the dashboard already has a life behind him. 95 percent of the car can be recycled at the end, it says.

Until then, however, the parallel to the previous burner built Megane E-Tech Electric should bring a proper driving pleasure. And not only through the typical deep focus. For more dynamics, Renault sets on a multi-link rear axle and has also translated the steering directly than before. The largest plus, however, should be a relatively low weight with a good 1.6 tons. The E-machine alone weighs around ten percent less than the current ZoE engine with 145 kilos. For the standard spurt to Tempo 100 pass at the top model 7.4 seconds, it goes up to 160 – four stages are available for the recuperation.

Renault Megane E-Tech Electric: Renault makes the Megane exciting-renaultWolfgang Plank

Can be loaded on household sockets, wallboxes and – depending on the model – on DC columns with up to 130 kW. For 400 kilometers of mixed traffic, Renault expects a wallbox with eight hours charging time, at a three-phase 22 kW loader can be pulled in 30 minutes of electricity for 50 kilometers of city traffic – and in the same time there’s 200 kilometer motorway ride or 300 kilometers at the DC fast loader WLTP.

Renault Megane E-Tech Electric: Renault makes the Megane exciting-meganeWolfgang Plank

The Megane E-Tech Electric can be ordered from February 2022. For the price Renault is still covered. Rimged is just below 40.000 Euro for the entry-level model.

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7 thoughts on “Renault Megane E-Tech Electric: Renault makes the Megane exciting”

  1. Renault.You can already “configure the Megane. There are 4 variants:
    130 hp, 40 kWh, 7.4 kW AC
    130 hp, 40 kWh, 22 kW AC
    220 hp, 60 kWh, 7.4 kW AC, 130 kW DC
    220 hp, 60 kWh, 22 kW AC, 130 kW DC

    For private buyers in Germany it seems to give the small engine only with the small battery and DC charge only for the big one.
    For me it would have been 11 and 22 kW AC to choose from. DC always has to be there, maybe at the small charger only 75 or 100 kW

  2. Very interesting car. Above all, the WLTP value of 470km amazed at the battery capacity of 60kWh. I would be interested in the weight and the CW value.

    7.4kW AC would not have to be, most of the way will take the 22kW AC loads anyway.

    For competition to the ID4 I see the but rather smaller trunk with 100l less capacity. Here the Megane could have been quiet 20 to 30cm in the back longer. Then he would even have come to a visually direction “Combi”. Pity! Thus, Renault would have come to the E-Kombi gap.

  3. In the further proclaimed prices for such electric cars, the fewest ones will land in private hands. Without massive promotion, they would be unclear. If this is still alone on the battery or is simply speculated here that anyway only afortical customers can drive electro?

  4. Is it a SUV?
    For comparison: The ID3 is 4.26m long and 1.57m high. This megane has almost the same format as the ID3, is even flatter and shorter. Is the ID3 a SUV?
    What is the Ioniq5 with 4.63m length and 1.60 height?
    The Audi A1 also has a high shoulder line. Is the Audi A1 a SUV?

  5. What disturbs me most is the strange behavior of Renault for customer acquisition. For a “contact request for pre-order” you should pay by credit card an amount of € 100 without already learning what the car and the corresponding additional packages cost.
    It’s a bit arrogant to believe that in the styles of the Mercedes seller in the 70 he years (called for you S-Class delivery times of over 2 years) the cars are distributed to the customers.
    How did my Renault dealer who sold my E-Twingo and the Zoe sold: “They did not belong in the headquarters. If the young managers near Renault Germany with this attitude continue to say, Tesla will be happy and do not come to sleep before laughing.”


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