RENAULT MeGANE E-TECH ELECTRIC: This is how the new Renault Stromer looks like

RENAULT MeGANE E-TECH ELECTRIC: This is how the new Renault Stromer looks like-megane

The Renault Megane E-Tech Electric will soon see on the street. As early as 2022, the e-variant of the popular compact model should go into production. With regard to its design, he should have been inspired at the showcar Megane Evision presented in October 2020. Meanwhile, Renault has published first photos for the new series Stromber.

The new Megane E-Tech Electric – also called Megane (Say: Megane E “) – based on the CMF-EV platform of the Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi and becomes strong electric engine and a 160 kW (217 hp) 60 kWh battery pack have. At the reach, the manufacturer indicates up to 450 km to WLTP. That this is possible, 30 pre-production vehicles have already proven. These are this summer to test rides with Renault engineers on public roads.

RENAULT MeGANE E-TECH ELECTRIC: This is how the new Renault Stromer looks like-renaultRenault

This makes it possible for us to take a look at the first to risk pre-production vehicles manufactured in French Renault plant. These are camouflaged with a Renault design designed pattern. This pattern consists of a game of lines and patterns based on the new Renault logo.

The electric car can be loaded on fast charging stations. Up to 200 km in 30 minutes you should be able to reload; 130 kW charging power are possible. Renault gave under the idea of the concept vehicle to understand that the concept already 90 percent of the later series version of the same – this seems to be true. By the way, the end of 2021 in France is to run from the band.

RENAULT MeGANE E-TECH ELECTRIC: This is how the new Renault Stromer looks like-renaultRenault

Based on the “Nouvelle Vague”, Renault should become more modern and more sustainable and focus more on technology, clean energies and sustainable mobility solutions. The French company wants to increase the share of electrified vehicles in Europe up to 2025 to 65 percent and by 2030 to 90 percent of sales. In addition, the Renault Group CO2 neutrality in Europe to 2040 and worldwide to 2050.

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5 thoughts on “RENAULT MeGANE E-TECH ELECTRIC: This is how the new Renault Stromer looks like”

  1. With this small battery he should be relatively cheap and hopefully finally a real trailer coupling with Zugglast (750kg) would be sufficient for the normal household use.
    The charging power seems to me but somewhat Micrig 200km in 30 minutes that is at 450WLTP range at least. 60min to fully load that means the charging power is unlikely at only 70-75 kW is no longer contemporary because Renault should urgently improve

  2. Bravo Renault. No pr gag. Just do it. Looks good, reasonable values and will be required to be affordable. This is how electric.

  3. – Looking forward to autumn 2021 –
    Finally a compact class car with 4.21 length, 1.8m wide & reasonable WLpt information.
    For me, the reach is not the topic, but the charging cycles, then after my estimation 1200 charging cycles are possible. You drive 300km per cycle this is over 360’000 km to my BATT / battery only 70% charging capa. has. I will leave this reservation.
    A burner is delivered at almost 200’000.

    – charging –
    to all who still have tank stern or charging
    Who drives an electric car that can plan, all who can not plan that continue to drive a burner.
    You should shop if a PVA on the roof and the sun shines. In 7.5h, an E-car with 60kW is fully charged at an 11kW = 400Volt x 16 amps x (root) 3. Now you should be loaded at approx. 20% Batt status and only on approx. 80% upload (in the standard). Thus, 60% are to be loaded. D.H. My 7.5h are calculated at 100% charge, at 60% are this about. 4.5h and the electric car is Ready again.

    A 130kW charging DC system will be collected in 30min 200km, but is strongly driven against 100% charge the performance with respect to the battery / BATT protection. Slow shop and room temp. the batteries generally love. So battery or batt in the refrigerator for storage is a fairy tale. Greetings from switzerland

  4. You can also pull off the charge for the house? Then you could save the battery at the next PV system.
    So far I know that only from Sion Motors.

  5. I find Renault comes with the Megane E 5 years too late. If you think about how long those already successfully have the Zoƫ on the market, they should have already electrified the Megane. Especially since the car is already very stationary-like, this would certainly have become a seller in this country.

    But why Build the there at all a backsheet? What should these shootouts be?



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