Renault presents Megane Evision – Electric Crossover Model

Renault presents Megane Evision - Electric Crossover Model-renault

Based on the first generation of the successful Renault model Megane, the French car manufacturer has introduced his Megane Evision as a fully electric crossover model. An e-car, which is to be successful as well as his native, which was sold over seven million times until today. The Megane Evision will build on the newly developed CMF-EV platform (Common Module Family – Electric Vehicle), which does not compromise and emerged from the Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi. From 2021 you want to set new standards in terms of drive, battery and charging technology with the Stromer.

Renault believes that e-cars should be sold by emotions. Nevertheless, Renault uses a powerful electric motor, which comes with a power of 160 kW / 217 hp and a maximum torque of 300 nm and thus counts one of the strongest motors in the Renault portfolio. His energy relates the stromer from a 60 kWh battery. This should be the flatest battery on the market. This just comes to a height of 11 cm. With regard to the range, 450 km to WLTP can be expected. In addition, the possibility for more range, through a larger battery, which is possible through the new platform.

Renault presents Megane Evision - Electric Crossover Model-presentsRenault

The small height of the battery also contributes to a deep focus, as well as a sporty design, which could be implemented by the car manufacturer. The aerodynamics values of the Megane Evision are therefore very presentable. The electric car can be loaded on fast charging stations. Up to 200 km in 30 minutes you should be able to reload; 130 kW charging power are possible. Renault gave under the idea of the concept vehicle to understand that the Concept already 90 percent of the later series version. By the way, the end of 2021 in France is to run from the band.

Renault presents Megane Evision - Electric Crossover Model-meganeRenault

The dynamic design combines elements of SUV and hatchback model and ensures a presence in the street image. Property features are the muscular shoulder part, the recovered flanks and the flowing, rear-aroused roof in gold, which contrasts effectively with the body bag in “Slate Gray Matt”. Further accents set the strikingly contoured bonnet with two air intakes, the powerful wheel arches and the 20-inch wheels. The golden “E” at the end of the “Megane” lettering refers to the purely electric drive and takes up in its design with the 1972 designed by Victor Vasarely Renault logo.

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4 thoughts on “Renault presents Megane Evision – Electric Crossover Model”

  1. This is the continuation of a car shape where Renault was scared with the Espace soon for the past 50 years ago. As low as possible and still large tires as the Grand Scenic, and now of course fully electric. You can also use different batteries.

  2. On the design, VW can cut off a slice.
    You recognize directly that it is a renault.
    All technical data sounds good only he would have to come to the market earlier.

  3. According to the presentation of the Morphoz study in March 2020, I would now have expected the finished series model with immediate order start and first deliveries in spring 2021, now probably soon spring 2022 … very too bad.

  4. Very attractive, what Renault brings in things eV on the street. Twizzy, Zoe, Emegan, Dacia Spring. Each perfectly implemented on the target group. If the Megan Evision then gets a full-fledged AHK, he is on the list for my change to an eV. Compliment to Renault and beautiful who did not brake your manager eV’s as in Germany.


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