Renault remains German e-car market leader in 2017

Renault remains German e-car market leader in 2017-renault

Also 2017 renault will remain the market leader in the electric vehicles segment. Last year, as many e-cars were sold like never before. At 31%, the registration numbers in 2017 have risen to 5.058 cars and light commercial vehicles; Compared to 2016 there were 3.862 units. The Renault electric market share was 16.5 percent. The tip of the best-selling E cars is led by the Renault Zoe. This has it last year to 4.323 new registrations. This means a new sales record of +54.1 percent compared to 2016.

As a single model, the ZOE comes to 17.3 percent in the purely electrically operated cars. Since the market launch in 2013 Renault sold in Germany already 11.432 Zoe. In the field of e-transporter the Kangoo Z.E. 435 times approved, thus this was the two-centenarian electrical commercial vehicle in the German market. At the Cityflitzer Twizy you can see on 300 new registrations in 2017. The e-transporter division will be further expanded in 2018, then the master z.E. come on the market. With 3.1 tons allowed total weight, a payload of up to 1.400 kilograms Depending on the construction and reach of up to 200 kilometers (according to NEFZ), the E-transporter aims primarily on domestic delivery traffic directly to the customer.

Looking at the market position in the field of electric vehicles across Europe, Renault comes there to a market share of 23.8 percent. The company’s e-auto sales increased by 38 percent compared to the previous year to 35.534 units. The Zoe remains the most purchased electric vehicle on the European market, which sales rose in 2017 by 44 percent compared to 2016.

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