RENAULT, VEOLIA and SOLVAY are forcing battery recycling

RENAULT, VEOLIA and SOLVAY are forcing battery recycling-solvay

The car manufacturer Renault will work in the development of a circular economy for raw materials from exposed batteries from electric cars in the future with the internationally active disposal and recycling specialist Veolia and the chemical company Solvay, as the three companies communicate in a joint statement. The aim of the partnership is to create a secure and sustainable source of supply for strategic battery products such as cobalt, nickel and lithium.

The companies want to achieve this goal by using their respective know-how at every stage of the value chain – from the collection of electric car up batteries to disassembly, metallextraction and cleaning and current mechanical and metallurgical battery recycling processes steadily improve steadily. Veolia and Solvay have already founded a consortium in September 2020, which the Renault Group is joining now. Through the innovative technologies of the two pioneer companies, the message can be extracted with strategic metals and recycle in high purity metals that can be used for reuse in new batteries. A pilot plant for this is already in France.

Through this closed cycle, the ecological footprint of future E-Auto batteries decisively reduces. Background: The worldwide stock of electric cars and plug-in hybrids is expected to rise from ten million in 2020 to more than 100 million in 2030. Therefore, ensuring a stable and sustainable access to battery stocks is a strategic challenge.

“The Renault Group pursues a holistic approach to the life cycle of batteries: the repair of First-Life batteries to extend their life in the vehicle, the development of Second-Life applications for energy storage and the establishment of a system for collecting and Recycle batteries.”- Luca de Meo, CEO Renault

In view of the steady growth of electromobility, it is Renault‘s goal to establish innovative and CO2-poor solutions for battery recycling to pave the way for sustainable procurement of strategic battery materials. Together, the three partners now want to use their strong presence throughout the E-Auto value chain in Europe in order to take a competitive position in the market for battery stocks and to create values beyond their core business.

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  1. The market leader who deals with Nissan Misubishi and Daccia most batteries outside.
    You would also have to have the biggest experience in the area.
    So completely correct trend, to try to maintain the owned technology and patch cells.
    Better than 800 he system or blade batteries for the middle class.
    The many battery problems of the Chinese and Koreans are unmistakable.
    Battery size Quality and performance are not yet at the end of the developmental banner bar.
    Considering that the designers alone have gained behavior on the development status of their E engine (patents) this is still a lot of criminals in the batteries.
    That Renault went away from the rental battery system may not only be a simplification of the
    Settlement with wholesalers.
    You have born all the battery ranties from 8 years to your own shoulders. The advantage and risk reduction in the customer.
    Demand is only minor changes to the batteries. So that the existing charging systems with oekostrom do not have to be rebuilt.


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