Renault wants to be fully electric in Europe until 2030

Renault wants to be fully electric in Europe until 2030-2030

Renault should become a purely electrical brand in Europe until 2030, said CEO Luca de Meo Automotive News Europe according to. This makes the French of a growing list of brands, including the Stellantis Brands Peugeot, Fiat and Opel and Ford who have already made similar commitments. “Renault will be 100 percent electric 2030 in Europe,” said de Meo at a media event in the Technikentrum of Renault near Paris. In July, De Meo had this number still up to 90 percent.

De Meo added that, after this date, the Renault Group likely to sell models with internal combustion engine over the DACIA brand. Displacements can also exist if basic conditions such as missing infrastructure or high electricity prices of a purely electrical orientation would not be conducive. “We have a plan B,” he said, adding that Dacia “in the last possible moment” and in a way is electrified, which respect the selling promise of the best “price-performance ratio” of the brand.

The background for the decision Renaults is likely to be the ever stricter regulations of the European Union. The EU is considering new regulations that would require automakers to sell only emission-free vehicles by 2035. The planned tightening of the exhaust standard Euro 7, which is to be introduced in 2025, is likely to push the Vebrennertechnologie a bit further towards the parking track.

“We have the obligation to participate in the transformation into a carbon-neutral Europe,” said De Meo in the presentation of the new Europe plan of Renault. The manufacturer has just launched the Megane E-Tech Electric on the market, its only second fully electric passenger car after Zoe, which came on the market in 2013. By 2025, at least four other mobile electrical models of the brand are to follow, including a new edition of Renault 5, a compact SUV as a supplement to Megane, a small crossover or SUV, which is inspired by the classic Renault 4, and a van.

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2 thoughts on “Renault wants to be fully electric in Europe until 2030”

  1. Despite Twizy production in Asia, Renault makes the little Twizy in Germany “Schweinetuer”, although the monthly battery rent is still coming.

    Twizy Life 45 km / h

    UPE plus. Transfer from 11.450,00 € plus hinged doors half-high 590,00 €

    Together 12.040 Euro + battery rental

    (Source: Renault)

    Over 12.000 Euro and per year still 600 euros battery rental, which makes in 10 years 18.000 EURO.

  2. Bold announcement. Well, Renault was early for me to pay good BEV on the market. You could create that by 2030. If they had continued their cooperation with the ingenious Better Place (DriveIn battery exchange stations), they would be the market leader in the EU today.


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