Renault Zoe: Absolute leader in Europe – still before Tesla Model 3

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Renault Zoe: Absolute leader in Europe - still before Tesla Model 3-absolute

In the first six months of 2020, the European electrical automotivity took place on 215.711 Pure e-auto and 164.063 PHEV approvals. How these figures distribute themselves on the manufacturers, we have on electric car news.Net already reported. Which models were responsible for the strong paragraph, we want to show below. Above all, compact small cars up to the lower middle class play a crucial role here.

Renault Zoe runs the first place to Tesla Model 3

Already a few days ago we reported that since 2012 more than 100.000 Zoe alone has been sold in France, to classify over 30.400 were sold in Germany in the same period. France itself provides this number in the shade and looks alone from January to June 2020 on 17.650 certified ZOE models back. But these numbers seem a little overtaken. Renault himself gave to understand that in Europe 300.000 electric cars have sold since the start of his first E models almost ten years ago. The positive news does not seem to end for Renault.

The end of June 2020 the Renault Zoe was able to take the first place on the European electrical automotivity for itself and referred with 35.884 Sold Zoe the Tesla Model 3 (32.255) Rank two ranking. It is worth noting that the paragraph of the ZOE has grown 48.9 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. Which of Model 3 decreased by 13.2 percent. Alone in June the Zoe 10 could.153 be admitted. An announcement. Zoe and Model 3 were responsible for 35.2 percent alone for 35.2 percent in the total sales of purely electric vehicles in Europe, on the first half of the year for 31.6 percent.

Rank three to ten in Europe‘s e-car market follow with distance

By far, VW E-Golf (16.933 units), Audi E-Tron (13.288 units) and the Peugeot E-208 (12.794 units) in the first half of 2020. What is worth mentioning, above all, the E-TRON, which was able to significantly improve in terms of paragraph and to growth of 105.4 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. Less positive is to look at the growth of the Nissan Leaf, which is on 12.191 units until the end of June 2020, but had to accept a decline in sales of 21.4 percent compared to 2019.

The Hyundai Kona brought it to 11.180 sold vehicles. As well as easy growth of 0.3 percent. With the Kia Niro one moves at 7.984 approvals, but more positive growth compared to the previous year of 36.1 percent. The worst in the ranking was probably the BMW I3, which had a sales decline of 49.2 percent compared to the previous year, at 7.578 remote vehicles.

Clear winner considered in terms of growth – purely percentage – is the VW e-up! which brought it to growth of 553.5 percent in the first half of the year. An announcement. It is important to concern that the starting point with 1.058 vehicles in the first half of 2019 compared to 6.914 vehicles in the same period 2020 is comparatively low. To classify. Tesla alone was able to model 3 in June 2020 7.054 times to the man or the woman.

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11 thoughts on “Renault Zoe: Absolute leader in Europe – still before Tesla Model 3”

  1. In the biography of Elon Musk stands that he wants to free the electromobility with the current high-aperformers from the Schmuddeleck. His real target electric small cars, such as.B. the e-up! For the mass market.

  2. So with regard to the BMW I3 I doubt the number mentioned in the article (7.578). The car lasts surprisingly good lately. Possibly. Only a part of the I3 sales figures in the number work. Lt. The BAFA became the 31 this year.07.2020 very much more funding applications for this car set:

    BMW I3: 7.335 (which corresponds approximately to the number mentioned in the article)
    BMW i3 (120AH): 4.842
    BMW i3s (120Ah): 3.631
    BMW i3s: 1.369

    Power in total: 17.177
    Source: https: // http://www.Bafa.DE / SHAREDDOCS / DOWNLOADS / DE / ENERGY / EMOB_Indimable.PDF; JSessionID = 84988C637EE141AA218CFD25D469438E.2_CID390?__BLOB = PublicationFile&V = 59

  3. I would be interested in how much frustrated e-auto used car buyers are now available.
    I have used my used zoe from 2014 after just over 2 years and about. 40000 hazarded in kilometers frustrated after I had a water slump behind the dashboard, engine and charger were defective and both coupling rods as well as wing joints had to be exchanged.
    The repairs had no guarantee fuse and exclusive implementation at the dealer on more than 12.000 € summed.
    Not everything but most of it (ca. 10.000 €) goes on components of the electric drive. The chassis parts are a well-known vulnerability of this type of vehicle and are likely to frustrate many other buyers.
    For this money (even less) you can also drive a great new e-car from the competition, which I’m going to do in the future.

  4. Markus, water slump behind the dashboard …… Did you want to clean the disc with the high-pressure cleaner ? In Zoe, S has no water cycle. Contemporary. Market: Technology + Prize lead to rank 1. Used car prices at E cars, this depends. Sometimes. Still, the durability and recycling of the rare earths occur.

  5. Pleasingly with the significant market share of E-cars in all European countries. The Audi E-TRON, but also the Mercedes GLC will continue upwards in the upcoming statistics, I believe. The Tesla 3, on the other hand, will decrease something, maybe in anticipation of Model Y. Respect in front of the BMW I3, which still holds against all ODDs in the top10 lists. The id.3 will soon be sure to make a suroration on the market.

  6. What do I use about BEV, which are still not right in the market and have proven themselves in everyday life. At VW, I have MIDT the ID models my doubts. I fell in the past with various VW ‘in a repairable.

    Drive a Zoe for 2 years, no problems with consumption, wear or battery performance. For me, Zoe is still the heroine of everyday life, commuters or young families with 2 children who do not need a status symbol. Electricity costs for 2 years and 20.000 km = 0.
    Has stop the possibility to charge at the workplace. Even without taxation of the monetary advantage (is law).

  7. Uwe, so judge all ZOE customers. Let’s say the poor Mark’s he should tell about what is the dirt in it. There is a stop
    Nothing what it does not exist. Or parked in the lift under a tree when the leaves fall.?

  8. @Ostrich:
    The “compost” in the processes was obviously from its predecessor.
    I myself had only parked in the carport and on the street.
    The problem is the form of the processes that favor the accumulation of material, which inevitably clogs at some point.
    What I say to the Zoe say, that this is not the price / performance ratio not so good. I’ve never had a vehicle with so many problems under 100.000 km.
    New Zoe only 2 years warranty on drive.
    Everything I have seen on E-cars so far and driven is either cheaper or high quality.
    In my friends and acquaintances, I have 8 electric car drivers, 4 of which Zoe, 3 of them already with engine damage, or. Defective battery.
    BMW i3 => runs since 120.000 km
    Tesla Model S => has been running since> 150.000
    Tesla Model 3 = >> 40000 km => Water in the trunk => Well-known vulnerability => New seals => everything ok

  9. All E automakers give a battery guarantee the above-mentioned performance. Rent at Renault the battery, then you have the risk even away. Engine damage to electric motors … virtually impossible, running twice or 3x as long as a burner. What can come to Zoe after 60 000 km are the cross joints on the front drive.


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