Renault ZOE RS performance version could hit the road in 2022

Renault ZOE RS performance version could hit the road in 2022-version

Renault only presented the latest generation of its electric car bestseller Renault ZOE at the beginning of July. Shortly thereafter, rumors spread that the French were planning a Renault ZOE RS performance version, which should bring a lot of power to the road from 2022.

The fully electric electric car from the French company has been completely renewed with a range of up to 390 kilometers according to WLTP, more power, more charging flexibility, new assistance systems, a new cockpit and a more striking design. As Renault’s head of product planning Ali Kassai has now made it clear, they want to combine performance with electromobility in the future and which electric car would be better suited here than the ZOE.

“We have been thinking about it for a long time. It will be the day when the technological blockades will be removed. This means high performance, but also sustainability of performance and economic viability.– Ali Kassai, Renault Product Planning Chief

We already reported on a sporty ZOE RS model in 2017. The two-seater ZOE e-Sport Concept was equipped with two 170 kW electric motors and accelerated from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.2 seconds. It went from 0 to 209 km/h (top speed) in less than ten seconds. A 40 kWh battery was installed as energy storage. Two electric motors delivered 340 kW (almost 460 hp) and a torque of 640 Nm.

With the electric drive on both axles, the ZOE e-Sport Concept was equipped with all-wheel drive. This brought a total weight of only 1 on the scales.400 kilograms, with the battery alone accounting for almost a third of this at 450 kg. The future Renault ZOE RS Performance version could certainly come up with similar values. As Kassai indicated, the aim is to maintain the pace with e-cars and thus bring a performance version of the ZOE onto the road in a relatively short period of time, in a maximum of three years.

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8 thoughts on “Renault ZOE RS performance version could hit the road in 2022”

  1. When I experience this as a generation 70+, I get really scared of the new planned e-car weapon systems, which everyone without a gun license can only use with a car driver’s license! I can’t even think about it when I’m sitting on my Mobilist bike and I’m confronted with such cars. Well, if we humans can’t splurge, then we’re probably wrong in this world. Well, maybe there will soon be a few sensible e-vehicles for urban city and local traffic.

  2. I can only agree with Reiner Schulz: I have been an enthusiastic ZOE R110 driver for a year and think to myself every day:
    people basically don’t need more cars (if at all..

    since most cars only have 1 person, i hope every day for news from Renault that they finally come out with a chic, everyday and winter-proof upgrade of the twizy to get away from the hunchbacked, ugly ‘moped cars’
    to distinguish a la smart & co ..

    where is this gigantomania (faster, stronger, bigger) of most car manufacturers supposed to lead? to traffic light cavalier starts, private races, increased sales at tire manufacturers, well-utilized bodywork shops, repair shops and accident stations of hospitals?

    I now find this development unbearable and for me all of this falls into the category ‘unnecessary and a waste of resources’ – and it hasn’t even really started yet!

    why does the good idea of gentle e-mobility have to be pushed in the wrong direction by managers and decision-makers again and why does valuable development work have to be put into flashy and/or fast e-cars with oversized motors and batteries?

    these have m.e. no right to exist in everyday cars on public roads, because there is already enough happening on the road every day anyway.

    IMHO there should also be a limit of 100kW as the funded motor power for public subsidies, so that this madness is counteracted at least from the tax money side!

  3. The ZOE with 80KW accelerates like hell. I don’t need more power, I need the ZOE as a station wagon with a trailer hitch. The 50KWh Accu in connection with CCS would be enough for long distances.

    This performance and “Big is Beautyful” competition is a complete mistake, especially since the rubber abrasion problem remains, even when driving CO2-free with regenerative electricity. So far I don’t see any solution for this. As long as the biodegradable tire has not yet been invented, it should not be allowed to generate more abrasion than necessary with unreasonably high performance. I really think it’s a good idea to link the electric bonus to a performance limit.

  4. Renault doesn’t need to slim down. They have had such modest e-cars as the writers demand here for a long time and are market leaders. Why not also a GTI a la VW Golf, or anyway, all Tesla s run so fast ! This remains a small market for sure, but they are certainly cleaner than any slower diesel.

  5. Why is everyone afraid of powerful electric cars?

    It is nothing more than a powerful petrol or diesel engine. With the exception of the lower noise emissions and the lack of a smell of petrol.

    I drive a ZOE with 110 hp as a company vehicle. I agree with here when people say “the car ranges”.

    Only I have to say:
    I like beautiful design, wide mature and thought “I could, if I wanted” in terms of performance.
    At the same time, I have already wanted a four-wheel drive at the current Zoe (snow, wet road).

    I am one of the most prudent drivers who swim in traffic and rejoice when the consumption remains below 14 kW / h and use the air conditioning / heating even with only restrained.

    Finally, I still have to contradict the people who say the power consumption becomes more and the rubber abrasion higher. The opposite is the case: a strong electric motor does not need more electricity than a smaller with the same driving style. On the contrary. The fact that I need the engine less the efficiency is higher and it consumes less. In addition, the power is distributed to all 4 tires, which also reduces rubber abrasion. Last but not least, the better braking performance due to the wide tires and high recuperation of the two motors should be mentioned.

    Of course, all of this is reversed when I start to get the best possible performance.

  6. Maybe some of the writers here didn’t understand that you’re not the target audience for the Zoe RS! I myself own a Zoe Q90 and would buy the RS right away because I own a Megan RS myself and appreciate the performance of the vehicles.


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