Rent A E-Car: Car Rental Starcar receives 130 Aiways U5

Rent A E-Car: Car Rental Starcar receives 130 Aiways U5-receives

Aivays enriches the Hamburg car rental provider Starcar with at least 130 battery electrical U5. This is out of a recent press release from Aiways. The vehicles are delivered to Starcar in August and distributed nationwide at their locations. These can already be retrieved and rented, explains the company. This gives the electrification ratio at StarCar to around 10 percent.

“For us, the Aiways U5 represents an ideal vehicle to consistently expand the fleet towards e-mobility. If we had only small and compact cars in the portfolio, we are now also talking to this spacious SUV also demanding corporate customers, families and sports enthusiasts with extensive equipment. The U5 combines the advantages of a trendy vehicle with green lifestyle, “explains Stephan TOllner, at StarCar responsible for the New Mobility area – a department that has been created on the basis of the prioritization of sustainable projects according to own information.

The Aiways U5 was developed to make customers an affordable individual mobility offer, which is still local-free – including a range of more than 500 kilometers to WLTP and a high level of everyday practicability. With the model year 2021, the U5 receives an even sporting front: Strong, contrasting colors ensure a pronounced athletic appearance. The E-SUV captivates with additional comfort features such as an electric tailgate with foot sensor, control panel with haptic feedback, the wireless charging function for smartphones, keyless vehicles unlocking and the supplied charging cable.

Dominik Vertesteri, Director of Sales Germany by Aiways Europe emphasizes: “The rental car offer of Starcar offers a new brand like Aivays a flexible entry into the market to inspire customers for our Aiways U5. With Starcar we want to tap more customer circles and delight for our future products “. Next: “The pursuit of intelligent technical solutions also in sales and customer views belongs to the brand corner of Aiways. Thus, the rental car market for our sales department is an important pillar and in the future looks at an interesting and exciting opportunity.”

With the new Aiways U6, which will drive to European markets at the beginning of 2022, Aiways will soon also offer a fully equipped electrical SUV coupe at a fair price. Maybe Starcar will also access here – we are curious!

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  1. It almost seems that Aiways wants to get away from the admission fast-zerllin line in Germany with this deal. Better now almost given away with the boxes as they towing to haul until next year.
    Or pay someone in this situation list price?


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