Report: Tesla V3 superchargers to get more power!

Report: Tesla V3 superchargers to get more power!-report

Tesla‘s own supercharger network is rumored to be getting an upgrade. So soon a new increase in performance for Tesla Supercharger is expected in North America. The performance of the Tesla V3 SuperCharger is to be increased to 324 kW. A more powerful V4 charging station will follow “soon”.

Sawyer Merritt, which often releases a lot of information about Tesla, reports that the V3 supercharger will receive an increase in peak performance from currently 250 kW to 324 kW. These are about 30% more and closer to the CCS chargers, which are normally advertised up to 350 kW (at 800 V). With the meanwhile 3. Version of the Supercharger V3 was able to load the loading speed up to 1.600 km per hour will be increased again. How to understand Tesla loads the model 3 with the large battery (long range, performance) in the top thus with the equivalent of 120 km range in just 5 minutes. Tesla has already worked in the past to steadily increase the charging capacity of the superchargers.

Further information, which is currently circulating, states that initially only the V3 superchargers will benefit from the increase in performance. The latest generation, the Tesla V4 Supercharger, will soon follow, which will bring even more power. Reliable details on this are not yet available.

Sometimes one can only refer to a statement by Elon Musk, who announced in June 2021 that supercharging performance will continue to increase and gave 280 kW, 300 kW and 350 kW as examples. In July he reiterated: “The Supercharger network is being upgraded to 250kW to 300kW so that will help too.”We haven’t heard anything about it since then. In addition to the pure charging capacity, the question of whether it will be opened up for 800 V systems is also interesting. Currently, Tesla vehicles are equipped with a 400V battery system, which means that any information about higher voltage V4 Superchargers would directly indicate that higher voltage Tesla vehicles are to come as well.

Earlier last year, Tesla also announced plans to open up the Supercharger network to EVs from other manufacturers, starting with Europe. For this purpose, the number of superchargers should be significantly increased in order to avoid waiting times and not to annoy one’s own customers, for whom the exclusive charging network certainly contributes to the purchase decision. The expansion to 800 volt technology would also be understandable here, with vehicles such as the Porsche Taycan or Audi e-tron GT benefiting from it.

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6 thoughts on “Report: Tesla V3 superchargers to get more power!”

  1. I’m curious how they want to implement this technically, with 800V or more than 500A and thus a violation of the CCS standard.

  2. That can’t be true. Tesla keeps accelerating the race while most of its competitors are just stretching..

    After all, you can now drive with the EQS with T60 Level3 on the highway.
    Truck driver love the … XD

  3. I’m curious how the possible increase affects the charging time net.

    The boundary at the loading enable comes from the heating of the connector, cable and at the end of the battery. You can cool plugs and cables better (only a few seconds longer), but the battery is still not slower warm / hot on cell level.

    You can see that nice on comparison with the charging curves of other BEV. The PEEK at Tesla leads to higher waste later compared to others who do not show the PEEK and stay longer.

  4. Recently photographed the nameplate of a V3 charger and discovered a working voltage up to 1000V. Thus, it should be clear that at the latest the V4 can also be loaded Porsche and Hyundai. &# 128521;
    It continues to move forward.
    By the way, I photographed the V3 charger in Honningsvåg. – Time where that is. ;-)))


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