Resale: It depends on the right equipment


It all depends on the right equipment

Resale: It depends on the right equipment-resale

When buying a used car, the equipment is an important decision criterion.

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Without the right equipment, a car becomes a slow-moving vehicle when it is resold. Air conditioning, power steering, power windows and central locking are now an absolute must for used cars of all classes. But some expensive extras can be a hindrance when selling a car.

A.Cars without accessories are next to not being sold in today’s high-tech age. Ever more extensive lists of special equipment offer new vehicle buyers more and more opportunities to upgrade their vehicle. But what are the benefits of such equipment when reselling, and which equipment is then in demand?

Basically, extras are beneficial insofar as they are useful and sensible and can bring enormous benefits. But they lose their value more quickly than the vehicle itself. ”For example, around 50 percent of the original purchase price can still be achieved for a three-year-old used vehicle, while the extras, which are generally expensive when buying the car, are usually between 25 and 35 percent ”, says Michael Bergmann, managing director of the market observation institute EurotaxSchwacke.

However, some vehicles are almost impossible to sell without special accessories. The bigger the car, the more important the upscale equipment becomes for resale. According to Schwacke, the marketability of the vehicle also has a significant impact on the loss of value of the equipment features. If a car loses value more quickly, the residual values ​​of the accessories decrease even more.

The Maintaler market watchers have examined the most important equipment in individual vehicle classes for their importance in resale. Equipment is already very important in the small car and compact class segment. Air conditioning, central locking, power steering, power windows at the front, metallic paintwork and an electronic stability program are a must in order to be able to sell the car again as quickly as possible and at a good price.

A trailer coupling, automatic transmission, xenon light and auxiliary heating are more of a hindrance or not rewarded when selling. A compact class vehicle should also be upgraded with light alloy rims and seat heating.

What is the freestyle in the smaller classes is already standard in the middle class. An automatic transmission, leather upholstery, parking aids and cruise control belong to the compulsory program. Cars with a navigation device and xenon light have an even better chance of selling. Already today, almost half of all used mid-range vehicles on offer have a navigation device and a third have xenon light on board. Accessories such as auxiliary heating and trailer hitch can also be neglected in this class.

Luxury vehicles have a far quicker resale chance if they have the right extras. In this segment in particular, it is important that the vehicle has an upscale equipment list. Without xenon lights, navigation, leather upholstery and automatic transmission, there can be considerable problems with reselling in the luxury class of automobiles. In the upper class, “equipment-saving versions” are also a stumbling block in terms of residual value. In the absence of this, there can be blatant devaluations.

According to the market experts at EurotaxSchwacke, the right equipment is particularly important when selling used vehicles. "Appropriately equipped vehicles can be sold much faster than vehicles in which important equipment details are missing or equipment that is harmful to sales was ordered when buying a new car, such as exotic color combinations or a luxury car without automatic transmission, ”says Managing Director Michael Bergmann. In general, the higher the class, the higher the expectations of the equipment.

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