Restwert giant 2025: What is an electric car worth in four years?

Restwert giant 2025

What is an electric car worth in four years?

Restwert giant 2025: What is an electric car worth in four years?-electric
Press Inform / Audi The Audi Q4 is the residual value winner at the Restwert giant 2025 with the best forecast in the electric car segment-but it shares the victory with the Tesla Model Y. According to the forecast by Bahr & Fess Forecasts, both models still achieve 53 percent of their new price if they are sold again in 2025

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Purchase bonuses for electric cars put the residual values under pressure. The experts from Bahr & Fess Forecasts say. Diesel SUV are still stable, but the clock ticks for combustion engineers. Site shows the cars with the lowest loss of value.

It feels like that there is no stone on the other in the automotive industry, especially in the automotive industry. Sooner or later the electric car could displace the combustion engine, the diesel becomes a discontinued model. Tesla leaves BMW, Audi and Daimler behind in the upscale middle class, new players from China are pushing to Europe and, to make matters worse, Corona and chip crisis also swirl the market.But established brands are not so easy to displace from their regular place. Emobility is also still affected with various uncertainties – including the question of what such a battery car can actually achieve on the market when it comes to years and the guarantee has expired on the battery. All of this is included when, for example, leasing companies calculate the residual value of their vehicle fleets.

Who has the slightest loss of value?

Site and the market experts from Bahr & Fess Forecasts specializing in residual value forecasts have been supplying residual value forecasts in the semi-annual rhythm, calculated on a period of four years, and the residual value giant. The current forecasts relate to a new vehicle that is bought in December 2021 and sold again in December 2025. The last issue of the residual value giants from the first half of the year can be found via this link .

The average loss of value across all car classes is 15 with an annual mileage of 15.000 kilometers in the first year after the new registration 24.2 percent. In the following years it was only around five to six percent.

The S-Class factor: With this equipment, a new car remains in demand for longer

Restwert giant 2025: What is an electric car worth in four years?-years

Site Value loss of new cars: The S-Class factor: With this equipment, a new car remains in demand for longer

In these forecasts, winners are determined in two different categories: relative residual value giant (in euros) and absolute residual value giant (in percent).

  • Relative residual value giant: What percentage is left of the original list price in 2025? The winners of this category are models of a vehicle class that have kept the most of the original value within four years.
  • Absolute residual value giant: The winners of this category are vehicles that lost the least worth in euros in 2025.

That is why there are often completely different cars on the podium in the absolute residual value giants than with the relatives, explains Dieter Fess by Bahr & Fess Forecasts: "In the case of the absolute residual value giant, vehicles stand out that can show a combination of two factors: comparatively low list prices and solid future residues", so fess. You can find a detailed explanation of which data and experience are incorporated into the forecasts here .

Relative residual value giants 2025 at a glance

In the following tables you can see the relative residual value giant, i.e. the top 3 of the vehicles, which will have the lowest loss of value from the new price after four years in percentage.

Restwert giant 2025: What is an electric car worth in four years?-giant
Yamaha and Fiat branch Abarth unites a long history in racing. The expression of this cooperation is the special model Abarth 595 Monster Energy Yamaha Photo: Abarth Abarth 595 "Monster Energy Yamaha" – Scorpion with Mission

  • Striking: especially the German premium brands Audi, Mercedes, Porsche and BMW cut off well.
  • VW at least can get three top places, Skoda one (with the SUV Kodiaq). Mini has to be surprising with the small cars Audi beat and fall back in second place this time.
  • There is a fiery surprise in the small car segment (A-segment): the small rioting can Abarth 595 Cabrio, The exhausted version of the Fiat 500 C from the house tuning smithy Abarth, gets first place. Apparently some small car drivers want to combine the farewell to the combustion engine at least with a little fun at the end. Because quite unnoticed, various models say goodbye to the market in the A segment and B segment (small and small cars), because with increased exhaust gas and security regulations the cars can no longer be produced profitably.

Absolute remaining giants at an overview

The absolute residual value can be explained a little simpler, because of course it depends on the price: the brand Dacia has booked a regular place in this category because the starting prices are simply so low. But also Skoda, Mazda or Hyundai Drive on the podium in some segments – and the sports car shines as always Porsche. The models turn out to be true residual value giant, which achieve a good price both absolutely and relatively, after four years. Here is an overview of the winners with the absolute residual value:Absolute residual value winner small car to mid-range

Restwert giant 2025: What is an electric car worth in four years?-giant
Bahr & Fess Foecasts Restwert giant 2025

Luxury class to vans

Restwert giant 2025: What is an electric car worth in four years?-2025
Bahr & Fess Forecasts Restwert giant 2025

SUV, sports car, hybrid

Restwert giant 2025: What is an electric car worth in four years?-years
Bahr & Fess Forecasts Restwert giant 2025

Remaining value winner in the middle class – Mazdas 6 Series in the test

Restwert giant 2025: What is an electric car worth in four years?-2025

Site Remaining value winner in the middle class – Mazdas 6 Series in the test

Remaining value of electric cars: is to be beaten Tesla?

In view of the ongoing triumphal march of emobility – at least in some countries – the loss of value of electricity is of course particularly exciting. And at least at the moment it still doesn’t look good for the battery mobile:

  • Relative loss of value: With the residual value forecasts in the electric car segment, share Tesla Model Y and Audi Q4 Etron First place, however, only achieve a residual value of 53 percent in the forecast of the experts – almost 10 percent less than a Porsche 911, which still achieves 62 percent after four years. The electrical Porsche Taycan still creates third place, but is far from being as stable as its petrol brothers 911, Panamera or Macan at 52 percent. In the plug-in hybrids, SUV vonMercedes and Audi take the first three places.
  • Absolute loss of value: With the slightest loss of value in euros, it is not surprising Dacia Spring at the very front, followed by Smart EQ and the Renault Twingo Electric. After four years, however, according to the forecast, only 37 percent of the residual value of the Dacia and even only 30 percent of the other models are left. The hybrid models wins the Hyundai Ioniq before the Renault Captur and the Opel astra.

The problem of the Stromer: The high purchase premiums distort market prices and often make new electricity in leasing much more attractive than young used. The technical progress in the e-cars in turn "shot" The manufacturers and dealers, but also private sellers, sometimes their residual values: "In some cases, the ranges almost double with a new model generation. Of course, this makes the respective predecessor generation anything but attractive", says Dieter Fess by Bahr & Fess Forecasts.

Less than 11.000 euros: The Elektro-Dacia is so good at the Aldi price

Restwert giant 2025: What is an electric car worth in four years?-years

Site Less than 11.000 euros: The Elektro-Dacia is so good at the Aldi price

How does the chip crisis affect the residual value?

The chip deficiency in the automotive industry leads to delivery times that are no longer known for a long time; It may take a few months to two years for the coveted model to stand on DM Hof. The delivery delays are also reflected in the used car market: The reduced range on the new car market reduces the used car supplement, which drives up the prices with the same high demand accordingly. Many leasing returns are also missing from the market. However: "In 2022 we will surely see the short-term effects on the market, but for our four-year forecasts the chip problem only plays a subordinate role", says Dieter Fess by Bahr & Fess Forecasts.

Korea SUV clears Audi and VW-price-performance ratio is unbeatable

Restwert giant 2025: What is an electric car worth in four years?-restwert

Site Korea SUV clears Audi and VW-price-performance ratio is unbeatable

What future does the diesel have?

With the combustion engine and especially in the diesel, the experts see several developments, some of which are positive, sometimes negative for its residual value prospects:

  • The Bahr & Fess-fore-foreler has been showing falling diesel residues for several years, causing, among other things, by exhaust gas scandal and diesel driving bans. "The clock is ticking", So Dieter Fess. The self -diesel is still most advertising in large SUVs. The Mercedes G-Class (G 350 D) and the GLE 300 D make it into the top 3 with the relative residual value giants. With absolute loss of value, only dive in diesel models Audi A6, Mercedes S-Class and large SUV (Hyundai Sante Fe, Toyota Land Cruiser, Kia Sorento) each in the top 3 of their classes. But also the Mercedes CLS gets a rank.
  • The diesel benefits that the demand for him is falling, but also the offer: Fewer and fewer manufacturers still offer new diesel cars, and if they do, only a few engines. The best example is the VW Bulli, which for a long time was inconceivable without diesel, but has now been switched to gasoline hybrid drive. VW does not push a diesel until 2022. So if demand and supply decrease at the same time, but the diesel remains the better alternative for frequent drivers, this speaks for stable prices.
  • Dieter Fess also assumes that another innovation could extend the life of combustion technology: "I do not think that millions of combustion engines are simply scrapped, but that the use of synthetic fuels ensures that even old combustion engines can still remain attractive", so fess.

This Tesla fuels petrol! Electro hybrid creates over 1000 kilometers with a mini battery

Restwert giant 2025: What is an electric car worth in four years?-electric

Site This Tesla fuels petrol! Electro hybrid creates over 1000 kilometers with a mini battery

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  1. Would this
    Subsidids that are overturning, at most bought the unwavering A) … Subsidy -controlling subsidies, at most, bought the steadfast climatic cars such cars. E-cars can only really be bought if a) the charging infrastructure is really top, b) The ranges are significantly increased, c) The prices are affordable for everyone without subsidies, d) The problem of completely wearing batteries is solved, e) the electricity prices do not double annually. And above all, the electricity capacities for the planned quantity sales are sufficient – otherwise this technology can be buried. I will not buy an electric car as long as these points are not fully met. Never!

  2. Electrical loss of value?
    I bought my Tesla Model 3 Long Range here in the USA BJ2018, used in 2019 with 16000mls. Back then cost $ 46,000. I went on it in 3 years and sold the car December21. I actually thought that I needed to sell the car for at least 1-2 months but after only 10 days it was sold for $ 41,000. The M3 cost me a total of $ 11000 with taxes and loss of value for over 3 years. No maintenance and no inspection costs. Electricity is expensive in California $ 0.30/kWh. But the operating costs were super low. New Model 3 for Germany has already been ordered. I am happy. And if it’s too small – it will be sold to Scandinavia after 12 months and a my my. My last burner in D had only 42% RW after 108Tkm and 2.8 years!

  3. @ Burt
    My brother lives there, San Diego, also, the price differences there have risen tremendously depending on the provider, but in fact the recent months have increased extremely. 01/2000 in summer still 0.16240 cents, in winter 0.14736 cents, from 01.2022 around double. My brother still envied because of the low prices. Has been. The loss of value corresponds to that in D in combusters, nothing extraordinary.

  4. comparison
    New car buyers, the e-mobile, are of course still the winner. With the e-premium, they still cut out loss of value. After a further 4 years, after another 4 years, the grab owner are concerned about bringing their vehicle to the man/woman. Hybrid vehicle users do not have the problem, most hybrid ranks are still virgin, in the electric drive, after the term and are only bought because of the premium.

  5. E-cars
    have absolutely no residual value (except scrap value) as long as no nail -free battery is installed after 4 years after 4 years after 4 years. Only that doesn’t pay off, stood today, the battery is the most expensive thing about the whole car.

  6. 4 years ?
    …are a long time ! You will be able to read some reports about the price development of the used ones. Experts are available here in D (as on any other topic), they will still be min. Change your expert opinion 5x…. Logically and viewed for a long time, you are not on the losing road with a combustion engineer. With the e-boxes, nobody knows how this is implemented in the long term and continues (supply and price development)

  7. It becomes interesting when the cars
    8 years old, and the battery damage is already there, or is imminent. If you will then be able to compare the drop in price, given 15 to 25 thousand euros of repair costs, with older Porsche Cayenne. Because the expensive engine damage is always threatened directly, they are traded for such a luxury car at mockery prices. This will not work differently in E cars with already defective, batteries, or in the bellows. Then the inevitable coming "Strom-MobilitatSuer" Or courage or as you want to call it; add up; And already a V8 petrol luxury car from the past time is more interesting than an e car. No comparison from the luxury anyway, there is no electricity..

  8. The market is upheaval
    Who knows what is in 4 years. Where is the electricity price and what kind of batteries is there. The Chinese will come now too. The German models are currently losing a lot of market shares. The electrical successor to the VW Golf, the ID.3 has comparatively poor sales figures. The VW Group completely sells significantly fewer vehicles than in previous years. Completely different manufacturers and models are in the top 5 of the approval statistics against the past. I would not make forecasts now in 4 years. In addition everyone knows that people almost 10.Have received 000 euros in a state discount. Therefore, people rather expect that the ID.3 now only cost 20-30k and after 4 years approx. 10k is worth.

  9. Quer thinkers are people
    Who only see their own advantages ! Nobody talks about environmental protection ! There is no exhaust gas. Oil does not seem to be a raw material. The 10 thousand gas torches that have been burning for decades is not worth mentioning. Everything that counts is, it has to be cheap and I have to get far with a tank filling. The oil tankers that go down, the drilling rigs that go under, the pipeline contaminate the wide areas, that’s not here. Unfortunately, due to the lack of batteries, the changeover will take a very long time. But no country is as dependent on cars as Germany. It is not certain whether the switch from German car manufacturers still succeeds. Who is faster, the conversion of German car manufacturers, or the hundreds of Chinese e-car manufacturers who will soon come to Europe.

  10. The fine difference in the e-car
    An electric car has no 1000 wear parts. These are the parts that make a car unusable. An e car has an 8 -year warranty battery. If someone z. B. Bought a Tesla 10 years ago for 150 thousand euros, and had a new battery installed that costs 20 thousand euros, has a great luxury car for the next 10 years. Especially since the Teslas can “load a car“ for free ”at the Tesla charging stations until 2016. The first Tesla cars have already driven over 1 million km, which is not a special feature, the special is the low repair costs. It is not to be forgotten that the batteries will be 10% cheaper every year. A car dealer said to me 5 years ago, I don’t sell e-cars, then I can do my workshop. I wonder why ?

  11. @ Windmuller
    He has been scolding his X for 2 years, probably typing errors. The X is indeed very susceptible, we have 2 in the fleet: both in the first year 10 to 12 weeks in the workshop. Fortunately only leasing, went back after the year. For the intended commitment, field service of the regional manager completely unsuitable. At 150 – 200 exorbitant consumption, up to 35 kWh and more.

  12. Let’s see how it develops
    When the electricity becomes scarce and the price continues to rise. Then more electric car drivers are definitely bothered by such objective disadvantages as load losses, self-discharge or significantly lower reach/increased consumption in winter. If I collide all of this, I no longer find e-cars so economical and environmentally friendly. This does not play a major role with its own solar system, but for the mass of millions of new electric cars. Why should a kw/h electricity on a charging station not soon be able to cost as much as a liter of gasoline?

  13. KWh of electricity on the charging station
    With the increasing spread of electric vehicles, it is imperative (!) that the current is not only taxed in the charging stations, but charging current generally. The state cannot afford the associated tax losses due to a lack of minaral oil tax! Load with household current will be sanctioned such as refueling heating oil. Every bet. Regardless of the source.


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